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Pom Pom Case Study

08:20 31 December in

Pom Pom is an application which allows users to sell off their waste with the help of the Pom Pom service . Authorized users, termed as ‘agents’ and ‘supervisors’, can use the application for reviewing orders . The application provides an electronic version of a form used for calculating rates and selling wastes . The app is currently operational . Pom Pom operates on mobile devices that run on the Android operation system and iOS operating system .

Strategic Partnership

08:19 31 December in

A Strategic Partnership is a formal alliance between two commercial enterprises, usually formalized by one or more business contracts but falls short of forming a legal partnership or, agency, or corporate affiliate relationship.

Hungerz App Case Study

08:14 31 December in

Hungerz is all about Food Delivery from your favourite restaurant to your doorstep. Call us and order for what you want to eat now !