10-Year Challenge on Mobile Apps and its Metamorphosis

10-Year Challenge on Mobile Apps and its Metamorphosis

A trend best-known as the 10-year challenge is flooding the internet. People are posting pictures showcasing their then-and-now selves. For some, change is clearly visible and for the rest, there was no significant change as claimed. However, when it comes to the apps, change is perpetual. That’s something fundamental to technology and its applications. Things in the digital economy have changed dramatically since 2009! It only got better, stronger and faster! Let us take this opportunity to unfold how apps have developed throughout these years for improving our digital experiences. A quick tour to the timeline: Sometime in 2009 2009 was the year of innovation! The year marked several changes in the world of mobile applications. Smartphones transcended mere multimedia phones and along with these came the concept of apps. Truly speaking, Steve Jobs did wonder and hold the baton in making mobile phones that are app-centric. Soon after though, Google followed the footsteps. Here come a few landmark changes in the market mobile-based apps.
  1. Apple introduced the concept of ‘an app for that’ to simplify users life and experience at once. The idea was to deliver software applications crafted for daily utilities.
  2. The apps from this phase were Cliffs Notes versions of the existing websites.
  3. Moreover, there was a lack of 3D touch while operating the apps.
  4. Apart from Android and iOS, Symbian during this phase became extensive.
  5. People used apps to fetch information on any service or product without the option to buy the same.
What’s up with 2019? For some time, innovations in the app market plateaued. However, in 2019 things have changed beyond the usual. Mobile phone applications have become unavoidable entities in individuals’ lives. From reading the morning news to riding to the workplace, everything can be achieved within a few taps. With the finest sensor-driven experiences and data-driven techniques, apps in 2019 are no less than magic. Some of the disruptive changes are:
  • Android instant apps are on rage. Users can run an app without actually installing it from the Google Play Store. This helps both users and developers
  • Implementation of artificial intelligence has enhanced the user experience at par. Life seems to be easier and convenient now.
  • Availability of geofencing and location-based facilities are also available with mobile apps.
  • App security on different operating systems is seeking more attention.
  • Constant implementation of machine learning is seen.
The change rather the development of mobile apps is giving users an intuitive experience. Regular users, marketers, and developers are using these apps for the maximum benefits. Considering the current scenario, it is predictable that disruptive technology will prevail in apps for the ultimate immersive experience. To know more, contact us!  

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