2D vs. 3D animation: Pick the Right One for Your Brand

2D vs. 3D animation: Pick the Right One for Your Brand

One question most advertisers debate over at the conference table is what to invest in, 2D or 3D. Both are an integral part of content production that determines whether a brand surpasses its competition or not. Now, 2D is light on its feet, energetic, entertaining and is sure to bring over stable ROI. On the other hand, 3D combines with 2D to add the ability of realistic modeling and motion graphics to it. In short, 3D if explored correctly can throw a punch which is definite to bring out a whole new world of possibility. However, with both having such power packed effects, on marketing it can indeed lead to confusion on which works for advertisement best. Well, it all about how you perceive it! Take a Look 2D Animation 2D animation is best for upfront simple projects that do not require content to go overboard. For example, say you’re dealing with a reform movement or anything similar here 2D will be able to effectively deliver the right messages to the target audience and simplify communication. Further, if your concern is turnaround time, then it is probably best to invest in 2D animation. These are quick to produce, deliver and edit and hence, these can lead to the production of impactful and traffic driving content. Also, corporate videos, beginner’s guide videos, etc. work well with 2D animation. 3D Animation A complex and more twisted version of its grown-up sibling 3D animation can tweak and manipulate older concepts. Bridging the gap within possible and impossible it provides creative results that overpower 2D live action. Unlike 2D animation that is more suited to simplistic and basic corporate or social projects. 3D animation helps bring out the essence of imaginative concepts and is ideal for a brand to challenge themselves with marketing norms. Engaging and captivating this 3D makes user’s feel as they belong within the video experiencing the actions themselves. Creating an illusionary boundary between reality and trance 3D animation encompasses various ranges of tones and styles to deliver an invigorating experience to customers. Now, as mentioned above both 2D and 3D combine efforts to bring positive results simultaneously. However, if you still cannot decide whether to pick 2D or 3D the best options is to weight out the following factors:
  • Creative vision
  • Right Audience
  • Turnaround time
  • Budget
  • Purpose
As mentioned above if you have a lower turnaround time, with a more serious target audience and a limited budget, it is best to invest in straightforward 2D animation for best results. However, if you wish to push your brand’s limit and challenge it to become the new talk of the town; invest in the best developers for a 3D animation project. The last option is to combine both 3D and 2D for getting the best of both worlds. You can stress on your portion of production, or manipulate creativity to bring a vision to life with the use of 2D & 3D animation. On this note, determine which will bring you the most ROI and make way for more traffic and bigger exposure.

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