3 Things Every Marketer Should Know About Mobile Apps3 Things Every Marketer Should Know About Mobile Apps

3 Things Every Marketer Should Know About Mobile Apps

As you all know today, apps are not just limited to mobile games for bored kids and teenagers. Rather these days apps are basically add-on’s to a marketer’s mobile advertising campaign. Now, for every novice marketer it is vital to understand that a mobile-centric advertising campaign is quite different from a web-based publicizing campaign. Mobile campaigns leverage real-time user behavior to generate maximum ROI and leads for businesses. Further, these are designed for cell phone audiences who have minimal attention spans. This is why it is imperative to assume that the type of campaign you decide will have various reactions in minds of web users. This is why, before investing in mobile apps it is important to make sure your investment will bear fruit. After all, mobile apps generally do not come cheap, so the best bet is to make sure the investment will bear fruit is to get your head around mobile app marketing. Luckily This Blog Has the Answers:
  1. Mobile is the Future of Advertising
One of the most personal things owned by people today is mobile phones. Today people check their phones daily more than 90 times while 80% of the time people spend surfing apps rather than web pages. This proves that mobile is out to dominating the lives of people and owning to the development of new devices. As a result, by the end of 2025, more than 90% of world users are likely to be surfing the web using cell phones. This proves why mobile app marketing is gaining such vehement popularity among web marketers in the millennial era.
  1. Geo-Location
Incorporation of topographical intelligence into various aspects of marketing is characterized as Geo-location marketing. Today every smartphone has GPS functionality, and this is where the option of Geo-location comes into play. Using geo-location feature web marketers can create an illusionary boundary on specified areas which will help them target loads of customers. How? Simple! Using pop up ads and messages! Let’s take an example, assuming that you have a pizza house, and you wish to promote your eatery. Using geo-location based pop-ups and acquired data from user, you can find out which user is frequenting the location of your store. In turn via your app you can send pop up promotional ads to a user or users thus, making marketing easy and simplified.
  1. Create Market Analysis
A common misinterpretation of marketers is that having a mobile application will instantaneously gain them new audiences and customers. But, in reality things can go haywire without a proper plan. The reason being, no one can blindly assume that their target audience is in the majority. In fact, check out this case study to understand better. A few years ago a finance company invested cloud-based mobile app to develop a cloud based mobile app that no one used. This was because they did not research the market. Their target audience was mainly aged above 55 where maximum of them could not use mobile phones properly. This is why, before investing in a mobile app try and do detailed markets study to ensure that the investment is worth it. On this note, try and consider the above factors to ensure that your mobile marketing campaign goes smoothly. With the right tactics, you can get better results from mobile app marketing rather than any website intervention.

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