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4 Reasons Why Your Beauty Salon Needs a Mobile App Today

If you’re a struggling owner of a beauty salon frustrated with business, are you sure you’re doing it the correct way? Often, old salon owners like you might feel that experience and word of mouth marketing would suffice and garner you numerous clients. Well, you aren’t entirely wrong, but that’s not enough to target a lot of audiences. Moreover, in the era of digital marketing, almost everything is available with one click. So, if you’re suddenly losing customers, who are picking the upcoming new salons, chances are they’ve invested in digital marketing and mobile apps. Today, 83% of customers prefer to read online reviews, check ratings on mobile apps and recommendations to avail any service. Hence, if you wish to bolster business and improve the popularity of your beauty salon among a wide majority it’s wise to get a mobile app. In fact, if you’re still not convinced, Check Out Why Beauty Salons Today Need a Mobile App
  1.    Boosting Customer Loyalty
One of the consistent ways an app can help a beauty salon is by building customer loyalty. You can utilize your app to impose a customer loyalty program. Your mobile app will help you track points like which client is most frequent, which one spends the most in each visit etc. By getting this data, you can conclusively give the deserving customer a gift coupon, discounts or handouts that can improve the customer’s loyalty. Not only will this result in good Word of mouth marketing, but also your client can give your app a good rating and make it popular on the www.
  1.    Easy Scheduling of Appointments  
Another reason the mobile app is convenient for beauty salons as they help book easy appointments. Initially, you might have had to hire a receptionist and pay a hefty salary for managing calls and bookings. However, with the advent of mobile apps, customers can simply use the calendar feature to book appointments, check cost listings etc. which makes the entire procedure convenient. Additionally, this helps save time and boost revenue so a one-time investment on mobile apps become consistent support for beauty salons.
  1.    Consistent Contact with Clients  
Customers come and go; certain ones may be a regular at your beauty salon and few might be the ‘once in a blue moon’ type. However, for a company to maintain steadfast revenue it’s of vital import that they ensure customer retention. Now, it won’t do you any good, if customers forget you, so the solution to customer retention is push notifications via mobile apps. Push notifications involving authentic content, offers, exciting news etc. can help build brand awareness among old clients. Further, you can upload images and videos of new services, novel celebrations and offers in your app to keep client’s alert. In this way, a mobile app will help you not go ‘MIA’ when it comes to the retention of old clients.
  1.    Useful Payment Options
Today 46% Americans themselves prefer using cash less than 8 times every month. Moreover, various global customers prefer to opt out of carrying a lot of money every time they leave their homes. Hence, for a beauty salon, one of the best solutions is to set up mobile payments directly via their app. The credit information of every customer can be stored in personal profiles. Now, regulars don’t require carrying money each day and your salon can charge their respective cards directly. Hence, now do you see why it’s essential for your conventional beauty salon to shift to the mobile app today? What’s more? This will help your stay in-tune with your competition and provide authentic services to customers. Additionally, new start-ups need mobile apps to build brand awareness and improve customer acquisition. So, in short, mobile apps are the genie in a lamp for beauty salons that can bolster ROI effectively.

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