5 All-Important Mobile Applications Used by Top Digital Marketers

5 All-Important Mobile Applications Used by Top Digital Marketers

For every digital marketer, the primary task involves the selling of services and products via boosting brand name. These marketers have to spend day and night working to promote brands irrespective of Sundays or holidays. Time is less and unfortunately competition is tough; however, it is not possible to stay glued to a laptop screen 24/7. This is why to make things easier, digital marketers and SEO gurus use a plethora of tools and marketing apps at their disposal. Now, most of these mobile applications and tools aid help streamline the task of marketers while giving them more control over their audiences. So, if you’re recently thinking to invest in mobile marketing tools to stay at par with your competition then it is wise to know which ones to pick. No worries! This blog will feature 5 all-important mobile applications most coveted by digital marketers for better managing and streamlining advertisement. Read on
  1. Perch by ThriveHive
Available on both iOS and Android, Perch is one of the leading apps used by advertisers today. Further, Perch even won the Best Business App category in 2013. This app allows users to view any and every social mention your company receives along with your competitor’s too. With this, you can track how well your business is doing with the target audiences. Further, you can also as mentioned check your competitor’s status too. By simply adding the companies you wish to monitor, Perch features all their mentions and required information on a news feed.
  1. Google AdWords
Google AdWords is a free Android app for AdWords, which helps businesses keep checks on their advertisement campaigns using smartphones. Businesses can moreover analyze the performance of their ads as they are featured. From update bids and budgets, real-time alerts to campaign statistics all are available via Google AdWords. This helps in editing, removing or adding keywords which can work effectively to boost ad campaign.
  1. HubSpot
A sales and an inbound marketing platform, HubSpot is another popular mobile application most used by marketers. This app has the following perks,
  • It allows editing and completion of CRM tasks.
  • It allows marketers to view all their previous deals and HubSpot contacts.
  • Offers real-time notifications on tasks and sales activity.
  1. Buffer
Imagine a platform that allows you to simultaneously control all your social media channels. Well, Buffer does just that; offering a single platform, Buffer allows you to track and monitor the performance of the content on diverse social media channels. Businesses can add any text or media to Buffer and then choose whichever social platform to add your post too. Further, it also offers easy to comprehend analysis for each post.
  1. Slack
Another app every corporate or business is using for marketing purpose is Slack. Bringing collaboration and communication on one platform, Slack allows effective communication with team members to get tasks done easily. Brands can send over messages to particular teams while edit or alter documents and content with one click. On this note, try and incorporate these mobile apps in your marketing campaigns to simplify and reduce work pressure.

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