5 Must-Follow Content Marketing Strategies to Embrace for the Future

5 Must-Follow Content Marketing Strategies to Embrace for the Future

As one nears the end of 2019, one thing remains crystal clear that content marketing will become very important. However, the scope of content creation will change remarkably in the last decade. Now, it is already established that content marketing will not diminish and is likely to expand. However, what are the tactics marketers are likely to use? How will content be distributed? Or, what should be your marketing strategy to get the most out of content? Are these queries looming in your mind? Well, to know more it is imperative to understand the futuristic content marketing strategies to embrace. Fortunately, this blog will discuss just the same. Read on,
  1. Transparency, Authenticity and Value Marketing
When it comes to any kind of marketing authenticity, and transparency is vital. However, at present this is a crucial factor for any content to rank. With the introduction of RankBrain, Google can now predict what the customers want via their search queries. This is why it is important to frame content that gives value to customers, clearly states your brand’s aim and explains what your brand can offer consumers.
  1. Build Targeted Landing Pages
The key to more leads, conversions and traffic is developing good quality landing pages. This is why optimize keywords for landing pages and develop as many as you can for your niche. For example, Nuffield Health managed to garner 60% of extra revenue owing to developing more landing pages. These pages had relevant keywords which were optimized so this resulted in more leads.
  1. Create Content Snippet
Content snippets are variants of a write-up that explain the topic in miniature and digestible formats. These snippets which feature targeted keywords help to feature it at the top of SERPs, making it more probable to be clicked by niche audiences. As a result, website traffic is boosted along with visibility and conversions.
  1. Perform Competitor Analysis
To be at the top of your content marketing game in 2019 and beyond, you need to perform competition analysis periodically. In fact, invest in an SEO company and generate some of the many SEO tools to study competition marketing tactics, most used keywords, find landing pages etc. You can even work to steal competition snippets for overthrowing your opposition that might be featuring at the top of SERP’s owing to better keyword optimization.
  1. Capitalize In Content Distribution
No matter how amazing and authentic content is, there is no point to it if it doesn’t get the right visibility. This is why it is imperative that content distribution should be a vital aspect of content marketing strategy. Content should be therefore distributed via emails, social media, newsletters, website, etc. Other channels to distribute content are via Google Ads campaigns, social media ads, Press Releases and guest blogs. Now, do not just opt for passive distribution, and rather pick the right channels to ensure that your content reaches the correct target audiences. On this note, use these 5 remarkable and futuristic content strategies to ensure an optimal and successful content marketing campaign in 2019 and beyond.  

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