5 unknown facts about the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things or IoT is gradually becoming very significant in the life of consumers and also the marketers. As the number of internet devices is mushrooming, IoT is offering newer challenges and opportunities to marketers as they put in all their efforts in reaching their customers.

Some facts about IoT are:

The first ever IoT device got connected in 1981

Although IoT sounds like a recent concept but the first device using IoT was connected to the internet even before the first ever www browser had been launched. Engineers were curious to know if a Coke machine which was close by had their drink and if it was cold for them. Thus sensors were connected from the machine to the internet to know the temperature and contents from anywhere in the world.

Since 2008, the number of IoT devices connected to the internet has been higher than people

Reports have stated that the number of devices that were connected to the internet was more than the number of people connecting to the internet in 2008.

The largest share of the IoT market is captured by ‘smart city’ devices

Reports state that the market of IoT is dominated by three sectors which are smart cities making up 26%, industry which constitutes 24% and health care making up 20%. Marketers need to pay attention to these figures and accordingly look to push their marketing messages to customers.

Powerless IoT devices are being developed now

Using electricity to transfer data was a blockage faced by IoT devices. Scientists are looking into ways to develop IoT sensors which would not require electricity or battery backup. Instead, they would be powered by light, heat and other means.

Also, there is an IoT hairbrush

One of the most interesting facts is that L’oreal has designed an IoT hairbrush. This internet-connected brush makes use of a microphone to analyze the patterns of brushing hair. Hair audits are carried out after each session of brushing and improvement measures are recommended to clients.

There has been a lot of buzz over IoT as it is the next big factor which would bring about a sea of change in which we use devices. Every other day new improvements are coming into this domain.

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