5 Upcoming New Trends in the Field of Web Design

The internet has changed a lot in the years to come. Today one is quite familiar with the popularity of mobiles, and the introduction of acronyms like AI, VR, AR, and AMP. However, these exclusive changes are first visible in web pages which have seen various changes over the last 10 years. While certain years focused on technological advancements like the introduction of AI and implementing machine learning; in other years focus was on bolstering creativity in websites using asymmetrical layouts, eye-catching color schemes, vibrant stock photo illustrations and more. However, 2019 will see the exceptional combination of aesthetics and technology that will change the way web design is perceived. Moreover, with the main theme being reducing bounce rate issues and garnering the attention of audiences; web designers will look forward to implementing these popular web design trends in 2019 –
  1.    Rotating animations
Long gone are the days where people would encourage blank cryptic webpages. Today to garner the attention of one’s target audiences the use of animation is necessary. Hence, in 2019 the latest trend is to implement rotating animation to attract users. Imagine this, you pick a brand and the site offers the brand videos and ideologies in attractive rotating animations. What’s more? Every time you refresh the brand video changes and offers user’s something new; as a result, users aren’t left bored and the CTR of your site is likely to increase.
  1.    Minimalism (black and white)
According to surveys, today’s millennials have a penchant for black and white. Hence 2019 the web designers will be seen using more black and white palettes to deliver a classic soothing look. Black being assertive and white being pristine will combine to give a regal look to web UI which will undoubtedly attract users.
  1.    No more traditional scrolling
Most websites normally offer the option of vertical scrolling. In 2019, users will see the implementation of horizontal scrolling which will enable easy options for mobile users. Moreover, apart from horizontal and vertical web designers are also looking to implement other forms of non-traditional scrolling to make web browsing simpler and more accessible.
  1.    Interactive Web Designs bolstering User interactions
Interactive web design is already a popular aspect in the field of web designing. In 2019, this aspect will only increase multi-fold. Present speculations state that more automated development options will come which will reduce the price of advanced interactivity. As a result, more clients and brands can afford interactive AI stimulated web designs which will boost their ROI.
  1.    Creative use of color branding
As per the results of web researches, more themed color branding leads to increased user activity. This effective color branding involves the web page changing the backdrop colors as users interact with it. As a result of the innovation and uniqueness, this increases the amount of time user’s spending on that page, improving CTR. Apart from these, web designers will also work on adding more attention-grabbing titles with improved design depths etc. to make websites user-friendly and clickable. Matrix Media Solutions has an experienced team of web designers. To know more, get in touch now!

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