7 Tools that an Efficient App Marketer Needs To Be Using Now

7 Tools that an Efficient App Marketer Needs To Be Using Now

In the farfetched world of mobile marketing every marketer needs a set of worthy tools in their arsenal to successfully carry out their advertisement campaign. These tools effectively help in intelligent app building, excellent app promotion, and data based app improvement. On this note, this blog will therefore discuss about 7 great tools which are used by all efficient marketers for exemplary mobile marketing campaigns. Read on:
  1. UsabilityHub
A vital free tool used by numerous marketers today is UsabilityHub. This tool is used for testing and evaluating different designs and testing navigation designs, screen flows, feature usage for websites and apps. You can pick from the:
  • Click Test
This test let’s one measure the effectiveness of designs by monitoring how users complete a requisite path flow based on instructions.
  • Five Second Test
Test the intelligibility of designs by asking audiences to reminiscence information from a design after looking at it for 5 seconds.
  • Preference Test
It requests users to choose between two design options.
  1. org
Good UI is a tool used by numerous marketers for creating user friendly and better websites. This tool is applicable for helping improve website designs as well as website apps. This app further tests interface designs and shares real-time results with marketers thus, helping them frame app layouts and styles with more efficiency.
  1. UX Archive
Specifically made for iPhone app screens, this one showcases various designs that enhance user expertise. Moreover, the UX Archive delivers app screen flows for 22 diverse kinds of tasks:
  • Consuming
  • Exploring
  • Booking
  • Reporting
  • Purchasing
  • Uploading
  1. App Annie
Another app store analytics tool, this one helps you in the following ways:
  • Scan the daily top app charts.
  • Monitor competitors
  • Guesstimates, cross-app adoption rates
  • Observe app ranking history and more
  1. Optimizely
For testing the heck out of mobile apps and web properties Optimizely is the best bet. What’s more? This helps in,
  • Make visual edits minus the use of code via Optimizely’s visual editor.
  • Augment code-level variables.
  • Roll out while testing new features.
  • Update pictorial changes in real-time, without the need for App Store approval.
  1. Crittercism
This is another tool that is frequently used by numerous marketers for analyzing app performances. This tool delivers real time crash reports, and app diagnostics that help apps locate and fix their problems instantaneously. Moreover, marketers can retrace user actions and find out exactly what led to the error. This let’s businesses travel shoot the issue and fix problems quickly for enhancing user experience.
  1. Branch Metrics
Brach Metrics aid apps in creating dedicated deep links, which allow apps to,
  • Enhance app download designation tracking.
  • If any web audience installs your app while reading mobile content, you can bring that specified user back to the original piece of content in-app that they were reading before to the app install.
  • Safeguard those links to your app course to the rightful app store depending on a audience’s device.
Well, there you go, these 7 apps are ideally used by all reputed mobile app developers. So, if you’re wanting your ad campaign to flourish, invest in the above apps today.

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