A WordPress E-Commerce Website Must Have These 5 Features

WordPress provides an excellent base on which any e-commerce store can be built on. There are various plugins which come along with WordPress that enables the user to add many features and functions which don’t need extensive coding. Some key features of this kind of a website are: Custom Search This is a very effective way for helping your customers in finding the items they are looking for as fast as possible and without any deviations. Business owners can’t be certain that their customers know exactly what they are looking for. In cases of window-shopping, this tendency is much higher. The option of custom search lets the owners insert multiple filters, enabling the customers to narrow down the search queries and get their hands on what they would be searching. Product Details The home page or pages containing other categories is like the face of your overall business but the most crucial pages are the product pages. The singular items are on display there and thus it must provide all the details about the inventory. Impressive images, detailed description of products must be present. Informations about offers, history or some other related information can also be included. Recommendations on Related Products Visitors to any e-commerce website will be navigated better if the site page provides recommendations on related products. This can be incorporated in multiple ways and at different junctures of the customers’ site visit. Related products’ pop-ups can be added at the time of checking-out. Sliders with Product Categories The site needs to be filled with product categories sliders. It inspired customers to stick around longer. Multi-Language Option By enabling the option of multiple languages in a website, business owners can expand into new markets. There are plugins available in WordPress which can make the site multilingual. If you want these features and many more innovative additions to your e-commerce website, get in touch with Matrix Media for further details.

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