Beginner's Guide to PPC Marketing: Click to Know

Beginner’s Guide to PPC Marketing: Click to Know

PPC is a type of digital marketing method that involving payment of a fee by advertisers each time their paid ad is clicked by users. This PPC is mainly for paid ads over social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Now, if you’re a beginner thinking to invest in PPC marketing for boosting sales and brand name it is best to opt for the basics, which is Google AdWords and  Google Display Network. So, today this blog will discuss the former and the latter to help you get a better grasp of PPC marketing. Before that, however, How to determine if PPC is Good for Your Brand? The first step to understanding whether PPC will benefit your brand is to review whether you have the budget to invest in PPC. Only when you have a feasible online presence with a substantial budget to pay Google can you invest in PPC. If you don’t have the budget or then invest in SEO to boost online brand presence first; once you have a stable online presence you can culminate the revenue money to amplify brand sales via PPC. On this note, however, if the above scenarios work in your favor and you’re determined that PPC is the best option for your ad campaign then read through: Choose Google AdWords Google AdWords helps your brand gain visibility via target audiences. When targeted users search for relative terms used by your Google AdWords campaign, your company or page will feature at the top of SERPs. Once people click on the link, you are required to pay Google a certain sum. Now, the many perks of Google AdWords are:
  • Develop fantastic ads that help deliver messages of available services/products with precision.
  • Set a basic budget to ensure that businesses do not exceed their assigned spends.
  • Utilize Google AdWords Keyword Planner to find out long tail keywords audiences are searching for. This helps in creating relevant terms for AdWords campaign
  • Reach a wide scale of the customer and target them on various devices like tabs, PCs and smartphones.
  • Monitor the impression of your campaigns and discover how many people see your ads, the number of sales you’ve managed to make and, the fraction of customers who click on your advertisement.
  • Test, twist, pause and edit ads any time as per audience requirements.
Choose Google Display Network Google Display Network allows businesses to place ads directly in front of target audiences on specified sections of websites at the right time. On this note the many perks of Google Display Network are as follows:
  • This platform offers a wide array of ad formats to pick from. Businesses can pick image ads, text ads, video ads or mobile ads, etc.
  • There are selections of premade ads for brands to choose and customize.
  • With the option of Reach and frequency reporting, a business can monitor and find out how many people have seen the ads or clicked on it.
  • The automatic bidding tool mechanically sets the budget on your ads for you; this helps get maximum clicks at cost-effective rates to pay.
On this note, now that you know of the basics of PPC invest in these and strengthen your ad campaign to boost revenue and solidify brand name.

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