Benefits of Android platform for a business

There are a host of benefits attached with the Android apps but still there are customers who are not fully convinced about the variability of the platform. The real-time benefits of this platform are discussed below:

An open source – It being an open source, any developers having JAVA knowledge can use Android to build their apps on. They don’t need to think about costs of licensing or royalty. They can discuss amongst their group for the future trends and versions.

A customizable UI – The user interface of Android apps can be customized to a great extent and becomes easy to manage. This ease lets the developers create custom Android apps for various businesses.

Greater possibility of ROI – This platform being free for all developers, they need to pay the registration fee only once. It becomes cheaper for businesses to utilize Android apps for their specific needs.

Easy adoption of the app – Technically speaking, Android mobile apps are scriptd totally in the programming language Java. It allows the developers with adequate knowledge to use it for building apps.

Technological advancements – It’s possible for the latest technologies to be integrated with the Android app development. It has been made possible by using Kotlin, an official language or an alternative to Android development. It can be learnt easily and can parallely used with Java.

Can be used on various kinds of devices – The number of devices which are compatible with Android is more when compared with other platforms. That becomes a push-factor for its users to continue sticking to it.

Different sales channels access – All apps created need to be promoted well by the marketing team to reach the potential target group. Applications on Android have the advantage of making the app in different ways. Like the marketplace of any third party can be used to boost Android apps which can be done by making own distribution and channel of sales.

The above mentioned reasons make the Android platform lucrative for different users and the technologies involved are making it very irresistible. Many new updates are on the way for this platform as well.

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