Best WordPress Plugins for Faster Page Loading

Search engine optimizers often forget about the page loading time. Should you be at all bothered about the swiftness with which your page is loading? There are 2 main reasons as to why you should be concerned. These are:

  1. It is a mark of good customer services to the visitors of your WordPress website. If someone visits the website and the pages take a lot of time to load, they will get frustrated and leave the page.
  1. Search engines take the general quality of a website into account for ranking purposes. This is why the pages should load quickly. As an owner of a WordPress website, you can conveniently reduce the loading time of a site by installing a chosen plugin.

Plugins for Faster Loading Time

WP Widget Cache: At times, it may not be a fact that the site requires a high load time. It has more to do with the elements which are present on your pages, causing the slowdown. You can add functionality to a website through WordPress widgets, but they also act as resource hogs that slow down the loading time of the page. WP Widget Cache reduces the total SQL queries and consequently speeds up the website.

DB Cache: This plugin caches all database queries and is therefore faster than the HTML caching plugins. In effect, the website uses lesser disk pace the already cached files.

GZIP Output: This one compresses the JavaScript, CSS and HTML of your WordPress website, and hence increases the loading efficiency of your webpage. You can hence reduce the file size by 70%, and enhance the speed of the website.

Moreover, there are the normal plugins that enhance the loading time of the page. These include the WP Super Cache WP-Cache, although it is a great idea to be introduced to other options to minimize the page load time. You ought to remember that there is not just HTML on the WordPress website, but other elements and coding languages too which can be responsible for bringing down the page load time. The above plugins can minimize the loading time more than the standard HTML.

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