Check Out the Primary Features of HTML5

Check Out the Primary Features of HTML5

Some years back all HTML was simply a markup language. Today, with the onset of CSS media queries and progression in HTML, the web has changed drastically. With pages rich in content, a selection of new graphic, extra plug-ins, and richer semantics, HTML5 is providing developers the option of delivering superior mobile and web data experience to users. Hence, without much ado, here are the top features of HTML5 loved by designers –
  1.    Content can be edited inside its element
Designers using HTML5 can without any problem edit content inside its element. Possessing an HTML characteristic known as contenteditable, this CSS property determines whether the user can edit content within its element or not. However, HTML5 in its WebKit-user-modify tool auto-sets in read-write value and read-only value which allows the user the option to edit content whenever necessary.
  1.    It offers enhanced semantics
The markup language of HTML5 offers better semantics. With proper consistent coding, it allows Web pages to be improved with proper semantic values. The 4 elements are included in the HTML5 semantics-
  •    < header >
  •    < footer >
  •    < article >
  •    < section >
This makes it easy for both the designer and the user to understand each segment of the webpage along with simplifying the page.
  1.    Provides better accessibility
The HTML5 is another winner because it provides an option for the use of multiple technologies in implanted websites. This bolsters addition function and features enabling the website to reach a multitude of web audience all at once.
  1.    It comes with geolocation support inbuilt
Another winning point for the HTML5 is that it has numerous geo-location API’s inbuilt in it. As a result, it allows the user’s location information to be readily available and recorded on the web application that’s run by the HTML5.
  1.    Improved uniformity
Another benefit of the HTML5 is that it uses simple tags, with enhanced semantics and clarified markups. This allows a smoother consistency to web pages and hence designers are able to decipher codes more readily and comprehend page structures.
  1.    Better options for offline browsing
HTML5 offers excellent offline browsing options; designers can now developed pages which can be cached and this enables users to load cached pages very quickly without the option of an internet connection.
  1.    HTML5 uses local storage optimally
HTML5 comes with local storage which allows daily local data to be stored inside web applications. Prior to the use of HTML5, the data was stored in cookies and not transferred to the server. However, the use of HTML5 is now more secure as data protection security is enhanced with data encrypted in web applications themselves.
  1.    HTML5 comes with a better gradient
HTML5 uses gradient displays which uses a combination of two or more color codes. Using gradient image over responsive layouts make the web page looks more attractive and clickable. So, given above are some of the recent features of HTML5, which prove why designers love it as the essential language for web page designing. If you wish to know more about the features of HTML5 as applicable for your business, you can get in touch with Matrix Media Solutions.

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