Choosing between React and Angular JS

While implementing a new Javascript, it’s crucial to choose the proper framework. The scale at which the app or website would run, maintaining further coding, the duarbility of the project and its ability to meet the deadlines would all depend on the chosen framework. The two most popular options are React and Angular JS. Let’s discuss about the pros and cons of both:

Library vs Framework

React JS works only as a library which has only the view option whereas Angular is a full-fledged framework In order to use React JS like any other framework, developers need to add in some additional libraries.

Complexity of the model

There’s a bit more complexity involved in Angular JS because developers can’t use large models in it. There are benefits attached to it as the code can be kept simple. But reusing the code is not a very effective method. It will have a direct effect on the web application’s performance. React JS allows the developers to decide about how they want to build up their codes and there would be no effect on the application’s performance.

Nested views

There is a fixed scope of every directive but still they can have reference of another directive. To provide child elements from one directive, Angular JS uses the concept of transclusion. React JS nested elements are much more simple than Angular. It is like declaring a class and the child class is referenced in the parent class.


There are methods to loop data in both Angular and React JS. Angular uses the directive of ng-repeat in order to get the required usability. Angular framework has this directive built in it. React JS is way simpler in this category. Various HTML elements need to be looped by the developer and placed in an array. Using JSX enables this.

Data Injecting

Data can be injected in a directive in Angular by scope. It is an object or a container which has the data for different controls like directives and controllers. A rootscope which is defined in Angular is injected with $rootscope. Any Angular component can access this rootscope. A concept called isolated scope also exists wherein the directive’s scope is different from the scope of the controller. In case of React JS data injection happens in the view when it’s constructed. It happens when the root view has been created or when a nested view is used. When inside a class, accessing data in the context that’s current, property of props of the context can be used.

Both Angular and React JS are very powerful and can be widely used by developers to develop web applications for all sorts of business. Neither of them are better or worse. It depends on the goals of the app which are to be attained. In this case React JS can be used. Angular JS is mostly used to develop the internal skeleton for a front-end app and React JS assists in fine tuning the specific features.

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