Customer Loyalty towards Businesses now Ensured by Brand Apps

Different brands follow various marketing techniques to build a loyal customer base. Loyalty programmes, rewards plan help in engaging customers to any particular brand. This engagement leads to repeat sales from the customers and thus increases the revenue of any business.

The new trend to engage with the potential customers is to have a brand app. Businesses in sectors like banking, restaurants, retail have benefitted immensely by having their brand apps. It drives the frequency of purchases and builds a loyal cutomer base as well.

Transactional facilities provided

The transactional features provided by the apps are the primary reason why the users are drawn towards the apps. The other features include loyalty programmes which are operated through the app, deals and discounts of different types which the user becomes entitled to once the app has been downloaded. In case of banking apps, users/customers look most for the transactional features whereas the ones like restaurant, retail apps provide deals and discounts which the users can’t resist.

Drivers of brand value for the customers

Customers mostly look for transactional values from the apps but they would also like to compare their experience with other apps that they use and the experience they had at the physical place of the concerned business. They would prefer various value added services from the app, the possibility to customize their experience would also be preferred.

Drivers of brand loyalty

The customers who are loyal to any particular brand/brands usually download the apps and that works as a major driver of loyalty. If the performance of the apps is favourable to the users then the level of loyalty would be more.

What does a negative app experience do to a brand?

Like the positive app experience, there can be impacts on the brands in case of a negative app experience as well. It’s a common practice that consumers who have had bad experience with apps have shifted their loyalty from that particular brand altogether. This happens because of bad user experience given by the app or lack of technical finesse.

So, an app can impact any business severely in the modern times. It depends on the makers and the brand itself about how to enhance the experience of the user.

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