Cutting Back on Digital Marketing Due to COVID-19 Pandemic? Read This First.

Cutting Back on Digital Marketing Due to COVID-19 Pandemic? Read This First

Should you cut back or stop SEO-Digital Marketing during the pandemic of COVID-19? The short and simple answer to this big question is – NO!


There’s no denying that the pandemic has affected businesses across all strata – big or small. In such adverse economic conditions, most organizations immediately cut back on all excessive expenditure, as they rightly should. However, to consider the SEO-Digital Marketing process a scapegoat of this preservation technique is not only unfortunate but a common mistake on their part.


One quick look at history provides vivid details as to how cutting back on the expenditure of SEO-Digital Marketing could be a fatal mistake for any business. Even though most of the businessmen think that it is the right thing to do, the following examples are enough to prove them wrong.


  • If we check the McKinsey study, we will find that companies that took counter-intuitive moves and enhanced their marketing expenditure during an economic crisis period are the first ones to bounce back once the condition of the market got better. The study shows that winning companies not only spend more than their competitors on advertising and marketing but also more than their spending compared to the better times.


  • Another study shows that marketing function is crucial for businesses to survive during and after the recession period. Social media marketing is the best possible way for companies to cut their advertising costs while keeping touch with their customer base. The study considered social media platforms as the most powerful tool that businesses should intensively use during these trying times.


So, while the history and the scientific data indicate that the businesses should not cut back on SEO-Digital Marketing, you need to do some smart work to get the best result out of this. Striking the right tone with your customers will help your audience understand that your company understands their hardship and is trying to adapt to the new reality as fast as possible. It boosts trust and makes your relationship even stronger.


So How Should You Adapt to This New Situation?


You have to work smart and adjust your SEO-Digital Marketing strategy so that you can reap the maximum benefit. Thinking long-term will help you to keep your marketing presence and will make your life easier after this crisis gets over. Here is some specific SEO-Digital Marketing strategy that suggests that you can adopt to reap the maximum advantage in this trying time.


Enhance Your Digital Presence


Have you considered changing the design of your website or present more features to your customers? Now is the best time to think about the e-commerce sector as well. In this period of almost global lockdown, this is the best time to shift your focus to serving your clients online, as they are unable to come to your physical stores anyways. There are hundreds of different ways you can improve your digital functionality. You can try to implement some or all of the following changes.


  • Chat Functionality
  • Product configuration
  • Augmented Reality
  • Personalization


The list does not end there. This is the right time for you to think about different ways to improve your digital footprint and offer your customers a better experience as they engage you online.


Boost Social Media Activity


You can hardly get any better time to keep up with social media. As most of your audience is staying inside their houses, they are spending more time on different social media platforms. Use those platforms to engage and reassure your clients. Your social media activity will ensure the clients of your presence and piqué the attention of the potential ones. If you try to engage your customers during this time, they will try to connect with your business and maintain it.



Expand Google Search Marketing


Most of the businesses these days keep tabs on the search engine rankings and keywords. The global pandemic is restructuring this field a bit. It has somewhat altered the ways people are searching for things and how Google is responding to their searches. Make sure to pay close attention to the rankings of the keywords you are using and the percentage of organic traffic you are getting during this period.


Evaluate the search engine results continuously to find the opportunities for creating new content which can help you to respond to the new type of queries you are facing these days. Also, check the google trends to see the changes in the search volumes for your targeted keywords.


Don’t make the pandemic an excuse for not monitoring the SEO response of your competitors. Keep checking their PPC campaigns and adjust your budget to ensure the top ad placements to drive traffic.


Maximize Email Marketing


Email marketing is effective and cheap. So, use this medium to reach your audience to tell them about the steps you are taking in this situation. You can also start new email campaigns to enhance customer engagement.


There are many other ways you can alter your SEO-Digital Marketing strategy to benefit your business. But we don’t want you to overburden you in this trying time. You can always seek the help of our professionals to get more helpful SEO-Digital Marketing ideas. We will be always here to help you out in this trying time.


Let’s connect to help each other out. Stay healthy and safe!

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