Websites are undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools that bridge the gap between education and students. The online courses available on the Internet have revolutionized the learning approach of students completely. We, Matrix Media Solutions, are trying to do our part in this revolution. Check the following features that made our e-learning website better than the most.

Active Interaction

Interactive web design is the key factor of our websites. Our website inspires the participants to take different actions and offers an enhanced personalized experience to the audience. As a user, you can perform simple and complex tasks in a useful and understandable interactive environment.

Data Analysis

Providing learning analytics is one of the most useful methods to make the learner satisfied with your services. Our e-learning platforms collect data of the learner and help them to grow by providing a timely report. Our data even help the students who are struggling with their studies as it focuses on the students’ weaker points.

Assessment and Live Feedback

Through our e-learning platforms, the students will be able to avail quizzes and tests that will help them to improve their skills on a subject. Our methods are constructive and help the students to learn more effectively. Our spreadsheets even allow the students to engage in healthy competition with fellow students.

Student Information Management

Our website has a robust student information management system that helps the students to locate and book the required course fast. With the help of our self-enlistment feature, the student can join the course by themselves. Our website also keep tabs on their tests, appraisal, attendance, and all other related activities.

Online Course Catalogs

With the help of our website, you can create lists of online courses. From these lists, the student can select and buy the e-learning courses in seconds. Our website is completely adaptable. That means you can change the logo of the courses, change the text style, type, and catch styles depending on your choice.

Responsive Design

Students need to access their courses from any place at any time. The responsive structure of our website ensures that.


Online games make online learning more interesting. Games are one of the most effective tools that improve student interactions and boost motivation. The games on our website help the students to optimize their learning process and shape their knowledge.

Special Features for Students with Special Needs

Our well-thought-out website has features that can help exceptional students who suffer from hearing impairment or debilitated vision. Our website is perfect for delivering online assets to every student.
Technology Used to build the Website: Custom PHP

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