Effects of Dynamic Remarketing Strategy on E-commerce

Dynamic Remarketing is the method of getting connected to the past visitors of any website by showing them the products/services they have viewed on the website or by showing them the products they might like. The user cookies are used to create the dynamic ads.

The content used in the ads will vary depending on the products that the user had shown interest in during the website visit. Google would know about the specific product/service as a piece of code has been inserted into the website which keeps on changing based on which page the user is on.

The dynamic remarketing tag can be implemented with the help of Google Tag Manager. Since tags are added to sites more and more, so Google Tag Manager is an efficient tool to get a good result. Based on the product ID, Google would know the exact product which the user had looked into. The product ID must be inserted in the remarketing tag and then Google would tally both the ID.

Effects of Dynamic Remarketing on E-commerce Sites

Increase return visitors – If there is a Facebook page for the products being offered for the site and a Facebook pixel has been added to the site, then the Facebook ads would pop up when the user visits his/her profile. This would lead to the process of completion of the sale which was left midway by the visitor by reminding them about the product.

Useful when launching some new product – It’s easier to sell a product to the customers who are already there. So, when a new product is launched the existing customers can know about the product even though they haven’t visited the website. Facebook Custom Audience lets e-commerce sites target the existing customers by using their contact information which was shared earlier. The hashed customer list can be uploaded on Facebook and it would use this data to target the specific people on the list.

A decrease in the abandonment rate – One of the biggest challenges for e-commerce retailers is shopping cart abandonment. With remarketing these customers can be poked to complete their action by using an ad which has been customized for the visitor.

Dynamic Remarketing by Google AdWords is one of the most noteworthy features. It does the extra task of converting the website visits into sales by showing the visitors the exact product that they had viewed earlier. That pushes the process to culminate the buying process in its entirety.

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