Ensuring Perfect Optimization for a WordPress Site in 2019

Ensuring Perfect Optimization for a WordPress Site in 2019

With the advent of 2019, there are many new challenges which will arise for the WordPress sites. Below are some tips which would make such sites ready for 2019:

Staying Updated

The site owners have to be well aware when the new updates become available. It should be done not only for the core but also the themes and plugins. On outdated sites there are security problems which might appear.

Being certain if the Hosting Provider is Creating Backups

The serious hosting providers offer frequent or daily backups of sites. That would help in case something happens to it. There are also a few WordPress plugins which create backups which can be restored later.

Mobile-Friendly Sites

Most websites would be visited via smartphones or tablets in 2019. The site owners need to make sure that the display of the sites on smaller devices should be proper. Most of the WordPress themes are compatible with smaller devices and if it’s not then it should be altered.

An Extra Layer of Security

An website owner can never be too careful when it comes to taking care of the security of the website. There are various plugins available which have been built to keep the website secure.

Proper SEO of the Site

There is a major role which is played by SEO for the success of any website. The WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast SEO should be installed correctly. The website should be fast and fully optimized for all devices.

Newer Possibilities of WordPress 5.0

Bebo or the new WordPress 5.0 has been released in December last year. There is a new editor which has been nicknamed Gutenberg. This new editor would not change the way the content of any website appears to the visitors. Instead, what it would do is it would let the site owner insert any kind of multimedia within minutes and rearrange it as per preference. All the contents would be in their right blocks.

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