Essential Design Trends That You Should Know

Essential Design Trends That You Should Know

Design trends are like waves on the sea. When the wave lasts, it looks beautiful. However, you can’t trace the wave back once it has reached the land. Just like this, design trends are fickle and short-spanned. When a trend appears, it dazzles the minds of the audience, but you won’t be able to find it once it has reached saturation.

This is why the established designers always remain alert about the upcoming trends. If you want to become one of the top designers of the world, you have to be aware of the new trends. Check the following section of this article to know about the latest designing trends.

Chaos by Design

What do you think a properly designed page should look like? Should it be well organized and soothing to your eyes?

Well, this new trend has broken all these preconceived ideas about designing. When you see the chaotic style of designing, you might question the sanity of the designer. However, at the same time, you have to praise the overall beauty of the design. It is hard to pinpoint the aesthetics of these designs as it is generally scattered all over. But, the more you take the total image in, the more attractive it becomes to you. With time, you will get the message that the chaotic design was trying to convey to you from the beginning.

Some of the common things that make these types of designs lively are:

  1. Too many colors and fonts.
  2. Lots of animation or motion across multiple elements.
  3. Oversized components that remind you of the content.
  4. Peeping elements from sides of the canvas.

Do you think all these above features will make a mess out of the design? Well, you are absolutely right. These features are used to bludgeon all the rules and concepts of designing. You can mix all the features, or you can use some of them to create something stunning.

Oversized Lettering

This trend is here for some time now. However, there was a designing hitch which was limiting this style from getting big. Previously, in most cases, the designers used the Sans Serif font style to create oversized letters.

Now, that barrier has been broken. Designers are now playing with different types of fonts while creating oversized lettering. While trying to create something ethereal, they are playing with the color gradients and the funky lettering styles as well.

Using oversized letters in funky colors with a minimalistic background is another thing that is getting popular. This oversized lettering style and the colors of the letters are sometimes used as the signature styles of different companies.

The style, however, has a limitation. It looks great if you implement it on short phrases or single words. However, if you try implementing this style on more than one word, it quickly becomes obnoxious.

Poster Style Hero Images

This trend is one of the well-accepted ones. That does not mean it is easy to design something following this trend. To be honest, this trend is one of the hardest ones to follow. The designer has to play with different types of bold and layered elements for creating exceptional designs. The visuals of the image need to be expanded or collapsed to make an impact on the minds of the audience.

The fun part is that there are different ways to follow this trend. The only common thing among all the different designs is that it should be giving an enthralling visual experience to the audience.

Extraordinary imagery often goes hand in hand with this style of design. The text should also be impactful to the core. However, it is not about reading anything or clicking something.  The role of the designers is to create a perfect combination of the image and the text for piquing the interest of the audience. The entire design is meant to create a hypnotic effect on the viewers.

The design might not convey the intent of the website clearly at first. However, after seeing the design, if you want to know more about it, it has done its duty.

It is understandable that working with the trendy styles, especially the ones which breaks all the regular rules and regulation of designing, is not easy. To become a better designer, you have to take up challenging jobs. If you get the tricks right, the upside of the design is huge. No doubt it’s risky, but the rewards are extraordinary as well.

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