Everything You Need to Know About Android Q

Everything You Need to Know About Android Q

The newly-announced Android Q is taking the tech-savvies by storms. Starting from smart marketers to developers, everyone is waiting to unravel the features of this latest release from Google. For the uninitiated, Android Q is the 17th version of the Android mobile OS. The first beta version just was officially released on 13th March on all Google Pixel phones. New to market, this version is doing the rounds for all good reasons. Keeping aside the controversial leaks and rumors, check out the little-known yet legitimate features to brush your knowledge on Android Q on cue.
  1. Improved Permission Control
Android Q users will have the advantage of better controlling over location data. To be precise, if you use this OS, there is a flexibility to share the location based on the following aspects:
  1. Share never
  2. Share always
  3. Share only when an app is open
Note: This is quite similar to iOS, but surely one step ahead.
  1. Convenient In-app Setup Panel
This is something new to the Android OS. Android 10 Q allows users to toggle settings with ease that is prevalent to the app. For example, you will be able to switch between Wi-Fi & cellular connectivity from a browser itself without navigating to the inbuilt settings menu. Thus, accessing setting is way handier now both for users and developers.
  1. Availability for Zoom-able Microphone
It is indeed an impressive addition that supports microphone directivity functionality with a new API. To break it up, the feature will specify a direction for the microphones as per requirements. Moreover, the addition of zoom-able microphones also focuses on a particular subject even in a clamorous environment. Not to mention, this is an excellent feature for journalists and even regular vloggers.
  1. App-switching Option Akin to iOS
This is a sort of shameless copy from iOS addressing the disapproval of the earlier gesture-based navigation controls. With Android 10, you now can swipe right or left on the Home button access apps. This also reminds the UI of the Chinese leader Xiaomi. Experts are speculating that Google in the coming months may move the Home button completely.
  1. Standardized Dynamic Depth
People are going gaga over this particular feature. Android Q has set a new standard for depth information at a different level altogether. If you are a shutterbug, editing will be easier and better with this operating system. A good section of people has liked the new additions that come with Android Q. Therefore, marketers need to incorporate the same in their app development. Here at Matrix Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we offer web development services aligned with the latest changes in technology. Reach us for more information.

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