Geolocation Features Essential for Apps

Apps featured with geolocation techniques have become popular in the current business scenario. With the development in technology, newer features are added in apps frequently and this feature has become essential.

Various kinds of apps like e-commerce, fitness-related, food delivery etc. depend heavily on the geolocation features to provide the best possible service to the customers. The following features are very popular in the modern times:

GPS – This is perhaps the most popular feature used in mobile devices. Global Positioning System or GPS is a technology which provides the user’s current location by using the data transmitted by satellites in space. Almost all smart devices have this feature installed and it helps the mobile app development companies to provide on-demand services.

Cell ID – At times, due to poor network, the GPS chip isn’t able to receive signals. In this case, also geolocation technique can be used. With the assistance of mobile networks, an app developer can use the details of the cell tower being used by the customer and then the data is compared with the data available at the base station.

Wi- Fi – Wi-Fi is mostly associated with the uses of internet only. But it can also be used to detect the location of a user. Wi-Fi covers a small area compared to satellites and mobile towers and thus provide more accurate data of the user. The location can be pointed by using the Received Strength Signal Indicator (RSSI) which in turn utilizes the phone signals which can be found in the databases of the wi-fi or the presence of wireless fingerprints of the locations visited frequently by the user. Real map services like Map Kit Frameworks or Google Maps are real map services which are often used by mobile app developers.

Geofencing – It is a method which uses the proximity of a user to a particular point. It also relies on GPS to provide the required information. It also gives the information of whether the user is inside or outside of a building. It can be dynamic, static or a combination of the two.

Nowadays, the geolocation features have become very cautious of the security of the user’s information and pay extra attention to the privacy issues. All the app development companies need to provide added attention to the geolocation features in their apps. Expert app developers having the requisite knowledge can be hired from Matrix Media Solutions.

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