Here are some of the Best Android Developer Tools

With its , open and versatile platform being used by developers across the globe, Android provides various opportunities for the developers. A wide array of audience can be reached by using its wide distribution network. The number of tools used for Android development is increasing day-by-day. This is the best time to have your app on Android.

Some of the best Android developer tools are as below:

Android Studio: It’s the official Integrated Development Environment(IDE) which can be used. Most of the developers look to this tool when taking up app-making which uses Google’s Material Design. It also provides access relating to all the advanced features used on the platform. The IDE edits the programming language which has been chosen(Java, C++ are supported by Android Studio, although Java is officially the language of Android.) An XML editor and a design view are included in it which assist in arranging the screen elements. There are various other tools available as well.

AVD Manager: AVD is ‘Android Virtual Device’ and it acts as an emulator to run Android apps on the PC. It helps as the apps can be tested easily with no requirement of installing them constantly on different physical devices. It also enables the user to create many emulators which have different sizes of screens, specifications and Android versions. The fast ‘virt mode’ makes the performance better every time. It runs on an Android’s Intel version on the PC.

Android Device Monitor: This is one tool which lets the user monitor the device or the virtual device being used in run time. You can get information about how many processes are going, on which thread are they running, the network stats, the LogCat and many more features.

Android Debug Bridge: It’s an useful command-line tool that can be used to communicate or carry out commands on any Android device,that’s connected virtually or physically. It already has Android Studio. However, at certain times there arises the need to follow a tutorial to open it.

Unity 3D: It doesn’t come with Android Studio pre-installed in it. You can learn it easily and there are multiple features for developing games. Android Studio also let’s the users create games but Unity can be used for that purpose much easily.

There are many more tools available for Android developement and the one you choose would depend on the style of working you prefer. The above mentioned tools are just some of the vast list available.

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