Here’s How AI can Augment Your Ecommerce Business

Here’s How AI can Augment Your Ecommerce Business

Over the past few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) have managed to create a profound impact on multiple sectors. And ecommerce is no exception to this! In fact, AI seems to be the most discussed topic in several ecommerce conferences for its robust impacts. With a lot of tried and tested efforts, experts have confessed AI to be the turbo driver of e-commerce websites. In fact, the latest research also showed that by 2020, 85% of the human interactions will be done by AI! If you own an e-commerce site and trying to regain your business from the core, incorporate AI and its impeccable applications to stride ahead of the pack. Given below are the major AI applications that ensure maximum benefits to boost your online business.
  1. Chatbots
Integrate your commercial website with chatbots to offer unmatched customer service. The bots will tackle your customers and prospects 24/7. Powered by AI, these new-age bots have surpasses the traditional bots in terms of benefits. Thanks to machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to make the chatbots better and smarter.
  1. Instant Product Recommendation
Product recommendations generated by AI are an ingenious way to engage visitors while they are still on your site.  AI by tying with big data offers instant recommendations to users by purchase history and other search queries. This is a great way to boost sales as customers prefer personalized recommendations.
  1. Automated Product Descriptions
Another vital application of AI is automated product description. Yes! AI has got this jaw-dropping talent too. Most of the successful e-commerce & Fintech companies use this feature to automate descriptions of multiple products. It scours the world wide web to get hold of relevant details for users’ best interests.
  1. Smart Searches
Product search is at the heart of any ecommerce site. So, once you power your site with Artificial I intelligence, it offers customized results and helps in extended visitor retention. However, Big data and SEO play significant roles in to achieve this feat.
  1. Sturdy Cybersecurity
You can ditch the age-old weak security with robust AI-aided cybersecurity. Keep your site threat-free and protect your customers’ data without any sort of security breach. Needless to say, AI responds 60x faster to a vulnerable instance to shield your business. 
  1. Post Sale Support
Similar to pre-sale service, post-sale service is also equally important. With the application of AI, you can cater to your customers with automated post-sale follow ups. In order to retain a broader customer base, AI also do the needful. Thus, you can keep track of your customers even when they are not using your business site. Bottom Line: Artificial Intelligence has already gained a strong foothold in the marketing verse. With seamless data management to improve in sales, AI handles every aspect and simplifies ecommerce business. Harnessing this technology will give you and the users a plethora of benefits. So, do away with all the guesstimate approach and start working with AI to up the online game of e-commerce. Intrigued to know more on this? Contact us without further delay.

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