How Artificial Intelligence is Metamorphosing the Face of Digital Marketing?

How Artificial Intelligence is Metamorphosing the Face of Digital Marketing?

Artificial intelligence or AI stands for computer empowered robotics system to process and analyze huge amounts of data and deliver outcomes similar to human learning, decision making and problem-solving. Initially, the AI market was grandly dominated by computer tech giant companies. However, the past few years have witnessed the entry of AI application in the field of digital marketing. With the ability of AI to collect and segregate data along with accurate prediction abilities, it became invaluable for marketers in digital strategy. In fact, the approximate revenue generated from enterprise applications using AI in 2018 was $7.35 billion. This is speculated to rise to around $89.84 billion by the end of 2025. All in all, there are many reasons why the dynamic digital world is embracing AI. Today, this blog will explicate a few applications of AI in digital marketing that explains why marketers are going gaga over it. Keep Reading: Enhanced User Experience Heightened customer experience is a prime aspect of any digital marketing campaign. Take content for example, only when content is relevant and offers users what they desire do customers click on it and achieve brand loyalty. Now, to achieve this, AI creates the pathway. Using AI-based tools and appliances digital marketers can uncover exactly what makes their audience tick. The AI collects data like search history, location, behavior, economic condition, etc. which helps digital marketers frame the right content that will bolster their CTRs’. As a result owing to the AI’s predictability a digital marketer can improve his/her website traffic, garner new leads and boost conversions. Further, for an E-commerce website, the AI’s augmented reality option, allows customers to try a product before investing in it. This offers exceptional experiences to users that are more compelled to buy a product owing to advanced user engagement. Another application of AI is in voice search technology. Digital marketers today can generate content for voice search assistants like Alexa, SIRI, etc. when done with precision it can result in a website featuring at the top of SERPs. Real-Time Consumer Support Customers are finicky and as hard as it is to retain them losing them is very easy. Now, customers mostly look out for quick responses and resolutions when surfing a website. Thankfully, those investing in AI offer real-time solutions in the form of Chatbots. These Chatbots are AI generated human-like resources that can instantly solve any audience queries. These Chatbots are active 24/7 and are trained to solve basic issues. This helps customers gain insight and information on a website at any time they require. Further, these Chatbots ensure reduced wait time, thereby boosting user experience multifold. Web Design The face of web design and UI play a vital role in customer retention and acquisitions. Your website is the base of your advertisement and it has to look appropriate to sweet-talk customers. This is why; using AI allows digital marketers to get an insight into what their customers’ desire. Using data collected from calls to action, images, texts, etc. a digital marketer can analyze the requirements and preferences of his/her web audience and design an applicable website. This will more likely draw in customers, retain older ones and help garner new leads. So, in conclusion, it can be said that AI is indeed out to metamorphose the face of digital marketing. Therefore, make sure to invest in AI-based applications from your nearby digital marketing agencies. For best results, contact us at Matrix Media Solutions for advanced AI applications and authentic digital marketing services. Our experts bring just the required advertising technologies to the table that can change the façade of your business multifold.  

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