How IoT Affects Mobile App Development

IoT or Internet of Things is seeping into our lives smoothly and has proved to be quite a boon. Smart TVs, home appliances, even smart watches which can all connect to a central network have made our lives easier. One challenge in this domain is to make all these connected devices to interact smartly with one another seamlessly so that they can understand the commands and react accordingly. Thus, it raises the concern about the impact of IoT on the development of applications.

Tiers in the development process

IoT development needs to be segregated into different layers so as to ensure that all the data is sent correctly and through the right channels. These layers or tiers include the device, gateway used, data to be transferred, analytics applied to track it and last but not the least comes the application.

The device means the unit which needs to be controlled using IoT. The gateway is the platform which will be used by the app to send all the data and commands to the unit. The app performance analytics assist in tracking the performance of the app. If all the work to be done is segregated into necessary tiers then the work gets streamlined.

Hurdles in the path of creating apps using IoT solutions

Since IoT application development is new, there are many hurdles faced by the developers as they go along. The developers have to use different trial and error methods to find the right solution.

Developers need to be updated with the latest technologies

The developers need to learn newer technologies during the implementation of IoT. Those can vary from very simple to extremely complicated ones. But the truth of the matter is that every developer needs to keep constantly updated and that goes the same when creating IoT solutions.

Open source development

It’s all about bringing together new technologies and making them accessible which requires using various open source toolkits and ideas. Proprietary codes and tools can’t be used.

The necessity of using third-party software

It being very hard to develop, development of IoT application is time-consuming. So, the third-party software has to be used.  That speeds up the production time.

Although there are hurdles to cross in IoT application development, progress will be made and IoT will play a major role in it. In order to achieve impressive results in the long-run, the challenges have to be confronted. As it brings big relief to the customers, IoT application development will go a long way. Consult Matrix Media Solutions to know more about IoT app development.

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