How Mobile Apps Are Altering the Fitness Industry?

How Mobile Apps Are Altering the Fitness Industry?

With the popularity of fitness regimes and schemes over social media, people today are dedicating money and time over wellness and health. Also, with social profiles featuring the ideal body type, more and more people are getting themselves enrolled in Gyms and fitness centers. In fact, the fitness business comprises of a 3.4 trillion dollar industry with competition as tight as a tick. Hence, to survive in this business and become a popularly featured fitness center your marketing game has to be better than your competition’s. However, even if the endeavor looks challenging, positive results are not that hard to achieve! There’s a simple trick that can ensure that your gym a wide audience coverage and necessary popularity. The trick is to have your own mobile app! Not convinced? Then, Check how Mobile Apps are transforming the Fitness Industry:
  1.    New Customer! Viola!
Today, most of the enrolled gym members are working professionals or students that have less time on their hands. Besides, with everything available with the swish and flick of a touchscreen, people prefer to gain information on their own. Think of this scenario, a man who is looking for a particular type of gym can find his selected type on the app store, download it and find out all that he has to know. When it comes to your business, the app will save you the inconvenience of giving gym tours to clients. Say you have developed an app that features pictures and digitalized gym tours to customers. Then, the customer can find out all he needs to know, register directly via your app, rate it and join the gym. In this way, you can target more customers as the more ratings your app gets; the more customers are likely to download it.
  1.    Get Word of Mouth Marketing
Okay, as an owner of a gym, you must have seen one thing. Everyone working out is generally on their phones. People love posting progress pictures of their newly shredded body, or ‘work in progress’; Sharing their fitness schedule and improvements with fellow mates etc. Now, if you’re bonding with your fellow clients, you can request these customers’ to give you free promotion. This means, tag your gym on their social media and mention your app, along with a word or two of motivational content. This form of word-of-mouth garners more new clients than others, as people promoting are showing real progress. In this way, if they recommend their followers to check out your app, the number of downloads your app will issue is numerous.
  1.    Improve User Experience
One of the primary reasons to get an app for your gym is that it improves customer experience. This results in stable customer retention along with potential customer acquisition. An app enables members to track several things like:
  •    Class or gym schedule
  •    Payment schemes and credit card information.
  •    Membership cards and information
  •    Class promotion, changes, and timings
  •    Introduction of new trainers and activities
  •    Cancellation of gym classes.
  •    Special events at the Center
  •    Tracing progress
Thus, with information available with a click, an app makes a user’s workout experience more engaging and pleasant. Further, the fitness centers that are utilizing geotagging, can further implement methods of stable customer accusation and retention. Say, Mr. X downloaded your gym’s app and is passing near your center. He will then get a push notification of say an exciting offer for new joiners that can compel him to get enrolled instantly. In this way, a potential customer can become a permanent one. Additionally, old customers will be aware of new offerings thus, be more inclined to continue your gym’s membership. Thus, in short, to flourish, your fitness center news a mobile app. So, contact Matrix Media and get work started on your app today! Using the right means, your mobile app can lead invaluable conversion to your website while improving customer reviews resolutely.

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