How School Management Systems Are Keeping The Teachers and Students Connected in This pandemic?

How School Management Systems Are Keeping The Teachers and Students Connected in This pandemic?

In most of the countries across the world, the alarm bell of the pandemic had started ringing since February last week of this year. At that time, many schools have decided to put the shutters down for a few weeks to keep the students safe. As the nation-wide lockdown hit the countries the schools have been compelled to consider other methods of teaching the students.


Not just private schools, even the government ones are thinking about using an advanced ERP system to teach their students. As more and more schools and other institutions are taking the help of the ERP system, let’s have a look at the following section of this article to know how exactly the smart system is keeping the teachers and students connected in this testing situation.


Effective Learning Materials Sharing


The smart system helps the teachers to upload different learning materials in the virtual classrooms. With the help of this system, they can upload different types of documents, videos, e-books and other materials and set time for accessing those documents.


This simple step makes the learning process more effective. Once the students are on the platform, they can check the instructions easily and start working on the instructions and materials. It reduces the chances of miscommunications among the teachers and students and makes sure that the documents are available easily to each and every one of them.


Monitored Students’ Activity


During the home-based learning, the students are only required to log in to their enrolled classes. Once they are there, the system will automatically mark the login time as the time of their attendance. That means, this system also helps the teachers to check the discipline rates of the students and take necessary actions accordingly.


The teacher can also observe the activity log of the students to make sure that they are following the instruction of the teachers. The activity log on the students shows whether they have submitted the tests in due time or checked the provided documents by the teacher.


Effective Evaluation


Through the system, the teachers can assess the students by arranging different types of tests. The smart system allows the teachers to arrange small tests, like the chapter taste, image matching, sequencing and multiple choices. The students can also attach different media such as videos, images, or voice recordings. Some of the specially customized systems also help the teachers to make sure that the students are not cheating during the exams. However, most of the ERP requires the help of other software to decide whether the students are opening a different tab or searching the answers during the test.


Holistic performance Reporting


Once the learning processes, as well as the tests, are completed, the system can automatically generate reports of the development of the students. These reports can encompass different issues, like the punctuality of the students, task completions, presence and the quality of their assignments along with their test results.


The system can also come up with insightful reports for the teachers. The report for the teacher shows data about the students who are above average, and below average. The system also identifies the ones who barely make it and helps the teachers to identify the students who need their help the most. The report also shows a certain pattern of each of the students. It helps the teacher to decide whether the learning process they are designing is effective or not. This will help them to tweak the study plans and examination pattern accordingly.


Involving the Parents


The smart system also involves the parents of the students directly in this study process. Even if they cannot stay at home and work from there, they can always keep an eye on the progress of their ward through the portal specified for them. There, they can access the results and the progress reports of the students along with the special notes from the teachers if any.


With the help of the portal, the parents can also get information about the invoices generated by the school administration and notices about the parent-teacher meetings. Thus, the school management system makes sure that together the parents and the teachers can create the most effective learning process for the students at home.


The pandemic situations have made us realize that no matter what happens, the schools should be ready to take up the challenge and make sure no obstacle comes between the learning and the students. To make sure that happens, investing in a smart school management system is crucial for the schools. The smart school management system of Matrix Media is not only versatile but also flexible. The functionality of our system is not limited to only this pandemic period. It would help the schools for a longer time. To know more about it, get in touch with tour professionals today.

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