How to Reduce JavaScript Error Noise?

Browser JavaScript is probably the most complicated structure to capture errors from as it’s not only one environment. There are many significant browsers, JavaScript engines, OS and browser extension ecosystems. All these combine to make the process of identifying errors quite complicated. Platforms for tracking errors like Sentry can accomplish a mediocre performance in the task of eliminating the noises but in order to achieve exemplary results, few simple yet efficient steps can be followed in order to improve signal and make iteration much easier. URLs Whitelisted The browser JavaScript SDK from Sentry can pick up all the errors which are generated from the web app automatically. This takes into account the code that is running on the page over which the user doesn’t have the authority or control. The errors included are the ones generated from browser extensions, malware or third-party applications like chat, analytics and code of ads. For ignoring these errors the SDK can be configured to whitelist the errors which originate particularly from the user’s own code. Using Inbound Data Filters A Sentry feature which has been designed to take out low-valued errors from the projects is the inbound data filters. These can be toggled within the settings of the Sentry project and the errors which these reject are not counted as the user’s quota in the account. The three filters useful for JavaScript developers are: 1. Legacy browsers – browsers which are quite old like IE9 producing low-fidelity reports on errors on which no actions can be taken upon. 2. Third-party extensions – errors are dropped automatically from the familiar browser extensions, malware and scripts of ads. 3. Web crawlers – drop errors which are initiated from web crawlers such as the Google Bot. Using Source Maps The action performed by source maps is not only to make the process of debugging the production stack traces easy but also to make it easy for Sentry to group the errors into singular issues which mean events can be assembled into smaller and easier to manage issue sets. Troublesome Errors Ignored There are certain errors which can never be corrected. There are two options in this case: 1. Bankruptcy can be declared as these errors will damage the app and there would be no way to solve those. 2. Those can be completely ignored as they wouldn’t have any effect on the experience of the user. The JavaScript errors can be reduced by following the above tips and it would make the lives of the developers a lot easier. The developers at Matrix Media are well-adept at using the necessary tools to find the JavaScript errors and eliminate them. Contact us today to avail the services of highly experienced JavaScript developers.

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