How to Upload E-Books to WordPress

If you want to market the e-book on a WordPress website or give one away free, you need to understand how you can upload e-books to a WordPress website. We will tell you how it can be done easily, although before that let us first go through the reasons why you will need to upload the e-book on a WordPress website.

Need for E-book Upload

E-books have fast replaced physical books since the last few years. This is a preferred way for reading for a lot of people.

  • One of the main reasons why you will want to upload the e-book to a WordPress website is for selling it. You can easily sell an electronic book online with the help of shopping cart plugins, and then link it from a website.
  • The other reason for uploading the e-book is to market it. With a free e-book, you can easily allow others to know what your business is all about. This will make them get back to your website for further information or register for the email list.
  • If you wish to teach people, you can use the e-book as a lesson and pass on the information.

How to Upload E-books

With the reason clear as to why you need to upload the e-book to the WordPress website, here’s how to proceed. The process is quite easy and can be done in minutes. For this you will need a complete e-book that has been written. It should also be saved in the appropriate format for the website visitors to enter and go through it. The most popular format is the PDF format.

After the PDF has been prepared, you will create a new page or post and give it an appropriate title. Once the page or post is created, look just above the tab Text Editor. Here, you will find 4 icons on the right where you will find the Insert or Upload option. The fourth icon resembles a star and you need to click on it. It is the Media Upload option and what you have to do is just click Select Files and find the book file for uploading. Just upload the file, put a name it and you’re through. It is actually easy and may take less than a minute.

If you sell the e-book, instead of distributing it free, the above method is no help because it will insert your document in the post. It will not be helpful if you are keen on selling it. To sell the e-book from a WordPress website, you may use a certain plugin which work best for you, since there are lots, or just fix a payment button using PayPal so that once the payment is made, the link can be emailed to them for the book or for the download. You need not make the post or the page public, which will ensure that you can still make the upload using the above guidelines and offer the link just when a person pays.

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