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Introducing Search 360: A Smart Chatbot of Matrix Media

Everyone wants to be treated as special right? AI-driven advancements have nudged this inclination of people even more. That’s why the customers of today want the next level of interactive experience when visiting your digital platforms. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots are becoming the perfect solution for fostering customer loyalty and offering personalized experience across marketing, services, and sales industry.

Understanding the transforming trends, Matrix Media have developed and launched Search 360, the perfect chatbot for every industry. Our chatbot will not only help the businesses survive the ongoing apocalyptic transformation in technology but also streamline the operations of your business.


What Makes Search 360 Different from the Rest?



We understand that the requirements of different industry are unrelated to each other. That’s why we make sure to pre-train Search 360 with information matching your business requirements. It is also preconfigured to resolve the common issues of the customers of a particular industry.


Conversational Maturity

The advanced natural language processing capabilities of our chatbot helps it to understand the context of the conversation. That means search 360 can understand the objective of the question (what the customer wants) and can come up with the accurate answer the very first time. Our chatbot is intelligent enough to proactively seek out information or ask clarifying questions to the customers even when the conversation is not linear.


Emotional Intelligence

Search 360 can infer the personality and the sentiment of the customers from the tone of the conversation. This feature helps our chatbot to offer a personalized experience to each of the customers. Our AI-driven classification model helps search 360 to deliver the right responses within seconds.


Easy to Integrate

You can integrate our chatbot to your business websites without any problem. Our chatbot is compatible with websites belonging to different platforms. The integration process is also pretty simple. Once integrated to your website, the bot starts running instantly. Search 360 also allows you to add functionalities and tools to improve its performance and enable it to deliver better responses.


Autonomous Reasoning

Search 360 can run without any human interactions whatsoever. With the help of the trained data and past interactions with the customers, the chatbot can deliver accurate information without any intervention from the live agents.


What Search 360 Can Do?

The advanced algorithm allows our chatbot to deftly handle queries related to product searches, order supports, and sales. Empowered by AI, our smartly coded bot can offer an instant reply to the sales queries of the customers. It can also gather product related complaint and generate relevant reports for you to check and take necessary actions.


There’s no doubt that our next-level chatbot will open up new horizons for your business. So, why wait? Take the plunge and stay ahead of your competition. There’s much more to this chatbot that you can find in this article. Interested? Contact us to get more insights into this chatbot.

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