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Joomla is an open source framework to publish contents on www (World Wide Web). Thousands of people and so many small and medium business companies all around the world are using it to create websites and web based apps. It contains Content Management System or CMS which empowers the organizations and the companies to create online tools. Generally online communities, blogs, media and corporate portals use it as a CPS (Content Publishing System). Even the ecommerce websites use it as CPS. Working in the field of Joomla Web Development, one must hire an expert on the subject or a good and proficient developer. There are so many types of developers like developer for template integration, developers for maintaining its portals, joomla programmer of developer for CMS, developer for component customization and developer for custom development.

Getting a joomla developer

  • Joomla Developers are considered to have vast experience and talent. Indians are experts in this field. The advantage of hiring an joomla developer for web development is to get the best talent without compromising the delivery quality.
  • The price of a developer is inductive of an employee’s salary.
  • Developers need small requirements for their work. These are Hardware, Common available software, office space, infrastructure and technical.
  • These developers are able to work according to the working hours of the employer.
  • These developers are experts in CMS and maintaining portals.


Such developers must have to be expert in the following fields:

  • Templates with Custom Design and Design Integration
  • Installation of Joomla development
  • Modules Development with customization and Installation for Module
  • Custom Components for Development,
  • portals maintaining
  • solution for Migration

The expert should also preferably know below apps:

  • XML
  • jQuary
  • EXT JS
  • Prototype JS
  • AJAX
  • MVC Framework
  • Smarty

Qualification on a good joomla developer

A good and expert Joomla developer must be a skillful and well qualified developer. Thus a company must have to pay attention to the CV of a developer at the time of interview. The company must confirm before recruitment, that he or she has completed graduation with flying color. Also the college or University must have to be affiliated by the government authorities.

So to hire a php programmer or any developer for web development one must have to make sure that the developer can fulfill the needs easily. One must be concerned about the educational qualification of the developer before recruiting him or her. There is huge requirement of joomla developers all over the world and at the same time the developers also have a responsibility to fulfill the needs of the employer.

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