Key Takeaways from Apple WWDC 2018

With Google’s IO keynote and the exemplary demos which were presented, Apple had big shoes to fill. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, and his teammates kept it a software-focused keynote. With the announcement of iOS 12, there were other revelations like macOS 10.14 Mojave, tvOS 12 and watchOS 5. No new hardwares were introduced. WWDC is crucial for the developers as it offers them the insight to what they will be working on in 2018 and can start planning accordingly. Others become aware of the current upgrades in their iPhones, iPods, Mac and Apple watches. Confirmation of iOS 12 and ARKit 2.0 The presentation started off with a quick look at iOS 12 and the features included in it. It will make the iPhone faster and improve the performance than its predecessors. It will be compatible with all the devices which use iOS 11. As a sign to show that Apple is not giving up on its older devices, it was announced that the iPhone 6S Plus will work 50% faster, the camera responsiveness will be better by 70%, app loading will be twice as fast with the new iOS. The ARKit development platform was presented as well and they teamed up with Pixar for developing a new file format which enables AR content sharing. A new app named Measure which will let the users use Augmented Reality to see the image size just by dragging across a finger when the camera points at them. Guitar maker brand Fender and toy giant Lego showed off impressive demos that allows previews of physical sets appear on the table tops. Improvements in Photo Viewing The Photos app has an improved search option with a ‘For You’ tab which suggests what you can do with the saved ones. These suggestions include options like making a Live Photo like a GIF or using machine learning to identify the people who are in the images so you can share them. However, the facial recognition feature will work on iCloud Photo Library. A Smarter Siri ‘Shortcuts’ is integrated with apps to create custom voice commands. These features will have an ‘Add to Siri’ option within apps which can be used to trigger a series of commands to train Siri with custom commands like setting a dual setting like messaging your spouse and also adjust a connected thermostat when Siri is informed that you are “heading home”. Siri can also inform your colleagues if you are late for a meeting and many more. Various other enhancements in stocks, books, voice memos, grouped notifications, memoji or your personalized emoji, FaceTime group calling have been revealed too. WatchOS 5 on its Way This will give you various health and fitness support to the users. It will be very helpful to the runners who need to pace their runs better. It will also serve as a walkie talkie which will over wi-fi and cellular networks. Some other major features that you can look forward to enjoying include Dolby Atmos Apple TV content, MacOS Mojave and many more. If you are looking forward to using these developments in creating Apple compatible products then connect with Matrix Media Solutions.

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