Key Takeaways from Google I/O 2018

The Google I/O 2018 held from May 8-10 this year had many impressive announcements. It was not only about Android this time around, new features added in Google Maps, Google Assistant and Gmail were discussed and announcements made. Some of the significant news from Google I/O are:

Google Duplexcalls: Two phone call recordings were played for the audience in which both the Assistant(the caller) and the business employee (real human being) were interacting like two real people, just that the Assistant is an AI innovation. It (since it is AI) could replicate the exact human emotions during the conversations which were highly ingenious and part creepy as well.

A real car look to Waymo’s self-driving cars: Google’s self-driving spin-off Waymo will make the Jaguar I-Pace car have the look of a real car which is different than all the other autonomous cars. The mass market will want these kinds of driverless cars. The audience could look into the luxury compact SUV and it was a giant revelation at Google I/O.

Smart Compose makes Gmail better: Machine learning will let Smart Compose create and finish sentences in your emails. Whole chunks of sentences will be predicted and it is bound to be a lot smarter than autocorrect.

Revamped Google Maps: Google Maps have been making people’s lives easier for a long time but even that had few glitches. So the problem has a solution now. You need to point the phone at the street and a StreetView AR overlay will open up pointing you at the right direction while at the same time the Google Maps layout will be present at the bottom of the screen. But no time-frame has been confirmed by Google for this feature to be incorporated with the Google Maps.

Android P beta on phones other than Google’s own: The Google Android P will become more accessible as the public beta will be available to not only Google Pixel phones but also to phones from other manufacturers. The testing process will be better by this. Expectedly, it will be rolled out in August this year.

Change in navigation design in Android P: A simpler UI will be presented to the Android users. With a few swipes on the screen, users will be able to access the full app drawer. Additionally, volume slider and screen rotation icons will appear on the screen itself to make the usage better and easier.

Few more updates were shared by the tech giant. In case you are interested to know more about the applications, get in touch with Matrix Media Solutions.

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