Matrix Media Launches Login Customization Plug-in for WordPress

Matrix Media Launches Login Customization Plugin for WordPress

Every day hundreds, if not thousands, of websites get hacked by the computer predators roaming in the virtual world. Unlike regular ones, electronic thieves are invisible and fast. By hacking your website, they can not only steal all your sensitive data but also mess with your customer privacy. A simple security breach on your website can destroy the reputation of your business and ruin it.


Understanding the growing need for security and protection, the WordPress team of Matrix Media has successfully created a plug-in to help the web admins protect their website and all the data it contains. We understand that the URL is the point of vulnerability of the WordPress website and our plug-in directly addresses this problem. You can click here to take a look at our MM Login Customization plug-in to check how it protects your website by hiding the URL.


How Can Our Plug-In Help The Web-Admins?


All the websites created using WordPress are vulnerable as the admin login URL ends with …/wp-admin or …/wp-login.php. That means anyone with ill intent can exploit this vulnerability and hack the website without much difficulty.

This is where the plug-in of Matrix steps in. It generates dynamic URLs for login so that the visitors cannot see the URL of the destination website. Our plug-in helps the admins of the website to mask the …/wp-login.php and …/wp-admin during the login process of your visitors.


Changing the Login URL


MM Login Customization plug-in allows the website admins to change the login URL of the page through deactivation of the old URL and immediate activation of the plugin status. After this simple step is over, the website admins only need to save the new plugin activated status to carry on the works of your website.


For every website, our plug-in generates different admin log-ins. In short, our plug-in ensures that no miscreants can predict the real URL of the websites that uses it.


Automatic Installation


Don’t be afraid if you are not that familiar with the installation process of different plug-ins and tools to your website. To install our MM Login Customization plugin, you don’t even need to leave the web browser. You just have to log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the plug-in menu. Once you have found us there, just click on the install now button, and let WordPress take care of the rest of the work.


We care about the security of your website and want you to manage the privacy and security of your customers in the best possible way. We believe our plug-in can help you do just that. That’s why we recommend everyone, who use the WordPress website, to try our plugin.


If you want to know more about this special plug-in, get in touch with us, or check the features of the plug-in yourself.

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