Make the Most of Your Mobile App Marketing via Social Media

Make the Most of Your Mobile App Marketing via Social Media

So, you’ve recently developed an amazing app and even opted tactics like app store optimization to target customers. But, is that enough to reach your target audience? In order for your app to sell like hot cakes, you need to be on par with your competition. Today, did you know that nearly 50 million small businesses are using social media networks to expand their brand name? In reality, 83% of consumers reported using social media sites to discover a product or service. So, in order to gain conversion, traffic and more potential customers it’s vital you utilize social media to market your newly developed app. However, you haven’t the slightest clue about potential social media strategies for marketing a mobile app? Well, no issues! This blog has all the answers. Tips To Promote Your App Using Social Media!
  1.    Start Promotion before Launch
For this, you first need a social media platform will minimum users. Now, before you launch your app, give the customer’s a teaser.  Feature intriguing content, like video posts, immense graphics displays, use an influencer if required and build hype around your app. Talk in ways like how the app will help your customer’s. Its special features and how your company can help people. Once you successfully deliver ROI generating content, now interact with your followers and encourage them to share and like. The more consumers talk about you, the more Word-of-mouth marketing is initiated for your app. Besides, 80% web audiences are influenced by Word-of-mouth marketing, so that’s a big brownie point in favor of your company.
  1.    Instagram Marketing
The second largest marketing platform after Facebook is Instagram. Garnering more than 700 million monthly users, Instagram offers the option of video, visual and audio marketing. Upload Instagram stories and add promotional snippets of your upcoming app. You can also go live and directly talk to your audience when your app is being developed. Be conversational, human and funny and soon you’ll have more followers sharing and anticipating your product.
  1.    Facebook Marketing
Not just a mere interactional site but the biggest marketing platform for businesses small or big, Facebook provides the option of a variety of content you can post. Without the restriction of character limits, you can post engaging social media content, videos and images that can pique the interest of your followers. Further, Facebook allows paid sponsored ads, that gather data from your list and features you add to the interested target groups.  This helps in more active conversion as many people end up sharing and reposting your content. Moreover, if you own a Facebook business page people can easily follow you and be updated about the development of your app. Apart from these, you can utilize YouTube marketing to target even a bigger audience and boost conversions to your website. If done correctly social media marketing is undoubtedly cost-friendly and will garner your app marketing assured ROI. The reason being you are directly aware of who your followers are, and by interacting with them you know what piques their interest. So, once you strategize your social media game plan accordingly, your app will be giving your ROI in no time. To get professionals to help you out, you can contact Matrix Media Solutions now.

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