Make Web Designing easier by using these smart CSS features

Until recently, web developers were limited to tools which did not allow them to cultivate their full creativity. With the advent of various new CSS features, web designing has become a lot simpler. The usual complaint from the customer’s end was that all the sites had a similar design and lacked any uniqueness. Any two websites would have had similar layouts. This made the task of branding quite difficult. But the web developers also had their hands tied. They had creativity but didn’t have the tools to get what they yearned for. The new CSS features have the following effects on web designing: Impact of CSS Grids The set rule of web designing was using a 12-column grid layout. It was easy but had limitations. With the introduction of CSS Grid, manipulating the grids has become much easier. Mobile-friendly Grids In the current times, a responsive layout or a mobile-friendly website is a must-have. CSS allows the developers to create responsive websites by using a simple keyword. The use of fr unit (flexible length) in CSS lets the developer tell the browser to divide the space and fix areas to columns depending on the fr multiple. Manipulated Grid Widths Previously, developers did not bother to work around the base grid layout as it required a lot of mathematical calculations in order to find out the correct width of every column. CSS Grid specifies grid width and column numbers which would be needed in a particular grid layout. It becomes as simple as data entry. Developers also get the chance of using grids with unequal height and width. By using viewport units, CSS Calc and CSS Grid developers can make grids depending on the website’s height. Previously this was not possible. Grid Item Placement Developers faced a lot of trouble with positioning grid items and ignored it all together. In this aspect CSS Grid lets them bypass all the mathematics involved. Where an item needs to be placed on the grid can be specified by a single keyword. Writing Mode with CSS and Text Flow As the web is dominated by English users, so the internet languages also flow from left to right but many users like the Chinese whose words flow from top to bottom and Arabic users for whom words flow from right to left it’s not common. Tweaking the flow of words was not easy to manage on the sites previously. The CSS writing mode provides the developers with the option of making the flow of text in a manner which would be similar to the native language which the audience use. The writing mode has more use-cases which benefit the developers. A stunning layout can be created by rotating the text in various degrees. It’s evidently clear that the new CSS features have helped the developers adequately which was previously not possible. They have been equipped with superior tools to meet their goals in a better manner. At Matrix Media, the experienced developers use these CSS Grids to create unique web layouts for all the websites created.

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