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Matrix Media Is Taking Tracking to the Next Level with JustTrack

Have you ever thought how substandard delivery system can hamper the growth of your business? Along with infuriating the customers, late deliveries sometimes can make your products lose their quality. This is especially true if you are a florist or have a food delivery business. It’s well known that once the customers are disappointed in your services, the chances of repeat order become seriously slim.

If your business is suffering from all the above problems, then JustTrack is the perfect solution for you. The novel tracking solution of Matrix Media can make order processing and delivery tracking a breeze for your business. Our delivery system has the potential to not only delight your customers but also keep you ahead of your competitors. Check below to find the futuristic ways JustTrack can help you.

Real-Time Tracking

By using advanced GPS vehicle tracking system, JustTrack helps you to gain access to the location of your delivery vehicles, or the devices used by your delivery team while they are still in transit. Our advanced system can not only locate the position of the delivery vehicles but also calculate the approximate time it will take for the delivery package to reach to the customers. Our system is flexible enough to allow you to share the real-time location of the ordered goods with your customers as well.

Driver and Vehicle Security

With real-time tracking by your side, you can make sure whether the vehicle or the driver has gotten entangled in any security issues. JustTrack will send you a notification if the driver makes any unwarranted stop. It will help you to communicate with the driver directly to solve the troubles.

Efficient Delivery Route Scheduling

It is hard to maintain the delivery schedule when you have to cater to the clients living out of the town. JustTrack will help your delivery persons to find the right route to the destination. They can also check assistive information like traffic congestion, road conditions etc. in our smart system. By offering the fastest route, JustTrack ensures that your delivery person completes the job within the stipulated time.

Reduces Delivery Disputes

Our smart tracking device helps you to track everything. From the time the delivery person started the journey, to the time the delivery package reached to the customer; you can keep a record of all the little details of your delivery. These details can help you sort out the delivery disputes if and when it’s necessary. It can also help you to make better business decisions.

Lowering the Delivery Cost

JustTrack will help you to streamline your delivery business. That means it will give you more latitude to lower the cost of the delivery services without compromising the profits. In short, the customers will get the same quality service at a reduced price which can work as a great motivator for them to become a repeat customer.

Business Reputation

Using modern tools, like JustTrack, will give your business a positive outlook. It will ensure the customers that you can offer fast, accurate, and reliable delivery services without fail. JustTrack will help you meet the expectations of your customers every time. As you know, the more you meet the demands and expectations of the customers, the faster your business will flourish.

Customer Satisfaction

By eliminating order delivery problems, like wrong or late deliveries, unprofessional behavior of the delivery persons, and other issues; JustTrack saves all of your customers from having unpleasant experiences with your business.

In a nutshell, JustTrack helps you to offer an organized, quick, and fool-proof service to your customers. Matrix is proud to say that if implemented properly, JustTrack will help you to grow your delivery operations and achieve all your business goals. Get JustTrack today to bring revolutionary changes in your business.



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