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The website, app developers and designers have a tough job of catering to the demands of the clients. They demand something unique every time and if they have the access to some tools which help them in easing out their job, then it becomes easier for them. The following list includes a mix of resources which would make the lives of developers and designers a lot easier. Some are tools based on codes while there are few GUI applications. This is a discussion about the tools on offer:


This tool helps in searching out fonts which are unique and this helps in logo creation or it assists in finding a combination of fonts which would be useful in your document. It lets the developers do these just with some clicks. Upon choosing their selection, it’s possible to download the font and give it their own preferable name.


It’s an app which lets the user convert any image into dual tones. They can either upload and use their own image or go for the images provided by the app and edit them. They can then download the resultant image.


This specification lets them combine Markdown and JSX. They can import Markdown files, the Markdown file can be used as a standalone element which can be included in some other files and a React component can be used in it.


This is a JavaScript library which lets the user make, calculate and also format money. This library can be used in Node.js atmosphere, can be loaded in browsers along with CommonJS or EcmaScript 6.


Native web components are used to build WiredJS. It has a sketchy view and a unique library of UI. However, the interesting feature in it is the fact that stroke of the elements have been drawn in a random manner, which implies that there are no chances of two elements to be the exact match. It can be efficiently used to create mockups or wireframes.


This app lets the user flash OS images into a bootable flash-disk. Previously this was quite a difficult process to carry out but Etcher has made it very simple to follow. All the major OS are supported in this tool like Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Font Style Matcher

This tool allows the user to select two Google Fonts and the native font that has been installed in the computer. This tool makes it easier for web developers to lessen the effect of the ugliness of FOUC(flash of unstyled content) till the fonts of Google haven’t been loaded completely.

With these tools, the lives of developers will become easier to a great extent. There are more tools like these available but these are the ones which are the latest ones. The developers at Matrix Media are always updated about the latest developments in their domain which makes their performance praiseworthy.

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