One Website for Every Screen: The Present & Future of the Web

One Website for Every Screen: The Present & Future of the Web

To browse websites, people are no longer limited to using computers or laptops. There has been a stratospheric elevation in the use of smart gadgets over the last few years. According to multiple surveys, 62.9% of daily internet traffic comes from devices like smartphones, iPads, and phablets apart from desktops. So, every business needs websites with the concept of one design for every device. Let’s Get Quickly to the Point: If your business wants to establish a strong online presence, it’s inappropriate to have a website aligned with one device and one resolution. You will miss out on the majority by ignoring the power of one website fitting every screen. Precisely speaking, for your business to thrive online building one website for all screens is no longer a choice, it’s a business imperative. It’s the present and the future! Dive into the Core: The concept of one website for screens of every size uses responsive design to serve the mass. People often confuse between a mobile-first and responsive site. However, the true implementation of ‘one screen for every device’ is done by responsive design making a website adaptable in accordance with different sizes and resolutions. Know the Need: Increase the Outreach Responsive websites render user-focused experience. The biggest advantage of this particular technique is to provide a better outreach of a brand to its customers and prospects. People focus on ease-of-use while browsing a website. With such adaptability, users will face no glitches irrespective of their devices. The responsive design is good in this way, making content readable by an automatic adjustment to displays. More Conversions An improved site delivers improved conversions. One site designed for all devices with an impeccable user experience renders a good impact on the conversion rates. Needless to say, unified design of a site with a great look and feel can give you more leads within real-time. Consolidate all Insights Additionally, you can keep track of the analytics and more insights with a responsive site. Google Analytics, for instance, is optimized for responsive reporting at par. So, you can get a hold of a condensed report without flipping through multiple tracking tools. Save on Site Management Broadly speaking, the maintenance of a single administrative interface is way more affordable than that of dealing with multiple sites for a business. Hence, adopting a responsive design can make you save big bucks and help you generate more revenue. We provide customized solutions for websites with a responsive design for improved user experience. Get in touch with us now to know more!  

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