Progressive Web Apps: The Futuristic Approach to Original Apps

Progressive Web Apps: The Futuristic Approach to Original Apps

With the advent of the 21st century, people are dependent on their smartphones for everyday aspects of life. Whether it’s shopping, news, entertainment, meeting of ends, business and other aspects, smartphones and mobile apps are one-stop solutions. At present, 70% of human populations spend half of their life surfing the internet and using mobile applications. Moreover, as per a recent survey by Vaciniti Media, by 2019 itself the globe will have more than 5 billion smartphone users. So, as the need for optimizing mobile apps rose, experts introduced Progressive Web Applications or PWA. What Exactly is Progressive Web Applications? The purpose of a progressive web application is to deliver a user-friendly mobile web experience to smartphone owners. PWA combines a unification of web applications and basic apps by uses unique techniques and combinations to offer user’s an experience similar to using mobile apps. It Comprises of 3 components:
  1.  An app shell that uses the following languages like CSS, HTML, JavaScript
  2. Service workers like JavaScript that handles purposes like push notifications or offline usage.
  3. App manifest helps in installing an app from any browser and pinning it to a mobile user’s home screen.
This PWA firstly provides the website and app look and restricts the need for the app to be downloaded from an app store. Further, it can also work fine even if the mobile network connection is hindered. Apart from These Perks, PWA Comes with Additional Benefits:
  •    Multi-Platform Support
One of the biggest perks of PWA is that they are responsive by nature. This means these can easily be adapted onto any type of screen. Hence, operating these are handy.
  •    Inexpensive and Efficient
In the case of Original apps, they require to be developed separately meeting standards of iOS and Android devises. However, the PWA apps are more cost-effective to develop and moreover, offer profitable ROI.
  •    Less Data Consumed
Another point in favor of PWS is that it limits the usage of mobile data. For developing countries even though the price of internet data has reduced, certain people still find it difficult to afford. PWA solves this problem with ease, for example, say a native app consumed 10 MB of data then PWS will substitute it by consuming 500KB data.
  •    Enhanced Performances
The PWA is designed based on futuristic augmentation; this enables these apps to load fast and reduce excess consumption of mobile data. Not only that, this helps faster loading websites to rank high on search engines and thus improve SEO. Therefore, will all these benefits to add up, PWS is changing the way customer’s look at mobile devices and brands. Now, numerous brands are even taking up PWS and perfecting them, to improve conversions, CTC’s, reduce bounce rates and bolster SEO practices. So, if you wish to excel in your business game today, hurry and contact Matrix Media now to make the most of it.

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