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Real Estate Listing Website in Canada grows with WordPress and Matrix

What Was The Challenge?


The real estate industry in Canada witnessed new growth from 2019 according to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, which also includes Toronto’s residential real estate market. The real estate listing websites are getting direct benefits from this growth. However, the existing website majorly showcases residential and commercial properties.


However, there was no dedicated website for the seekers of pop-up spaces. The owners of these places also did not have any scope to list pop-up spaces that they would like to rent for some events or some temporary activities of a few days.


What Was The Solution?


A dedicated website platform was created where both property seeker and property lister of popup spaces can come together. While the owners can share details of their available popup space along with their accurate location on the map; similarly, the seekers could search for the same location-wise in Canada and other places for abroad events.


What Did We Do?


For dealing with this challenge, we created a website that is closely similar to any real estate listing site. Our goal was to offer a strategic design that would incorporate images with content to make maximum impact on the seekers.

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We ensured a user can either register as a space seeker or property lister. The listers must add pictures, location, and other details of the property. The seekers can search popup spaces in their preferred location and will get a list accordingly. Once the seeker shows interest to rent any space, they can apply the same by giving details of the date of booking. The admin of the website will get the seeker’s details and then contact the respective lister to confirm the booking of the space. After getting the clearance from the property owner, the website admin will get back to the seeker.


The website even showcases popup spaces present in the US, Mexico, and parts of Europe. Hence, someone from Canada looking for spaces abroad can also use this website. The seekers can also directly choose their desired location from the virtual map of the website, where the exact location of each available popup space.

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Technology Stack 


The website was built on WordPress. Being the most popular and user-friendly CMS available based on PHP language and connected with SQL. WP rental themes were used for the design, while WPBakery plugin was used for customizing the website design and features. WordPress also makes the website much lighter and the loading time has been greatly reduced

Google API is used for mapping that is needed for accurately locating each property. The mapping feature is useful both for seekers and listers for accurate property positioning.


Feedback from Client 


The website has helped the client in simplifying the process of doing business with a user-friendly website. The client also got a secured website whereby it is possible to easily attract the pop-up space owners and seekers to fulfill their respective needs.


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