Real Estate

Real Estate

The dynamic and interactive nature of the digital platform has influenced almost every business domains. Real estate is no exception to this incident. With a robust, responsive and feature-rich website, Matrix Media Solution can help you to serve your audience better. To continue reading, check the features of the website.

Advanced Search Options

Searching is one of the most important features of a real estate website. Our website enables you to search for estate listings differently. Our portal is smart enough to provide fast, filtered, and relevant results.

Image Gallery

We understand that a single image can compensate a thousand words. Our website lets you portray the images of the listed properties. Through our website, you can portray multiple high-quality images of the listed property at the same time.

Front End Listing Submission

With the help of our website, you can offer your clients the benefits of front end listing submission once your business starts getting traffic. This feature will not only improve the usability of your website but also help you to earn some extra money.

Flawless Navigation

The flawless navigation system of our website ensures that the visitors are navigated to their desired pages without any hassle. The smart design of our website enables you to enjoy a smart and interactive menu.

Integrated Map

A listed property marked on a map always helps the buyers locate it. We understand this, and that’s why we integrated Google Map with our website. This feature also offers direction related information to the users as well.

Contact Forms

Our website helps you to create a contact form for your users. In this way, the users would be able to get in touch with you to ask the necessary information about the property.

IDX/MLS Integration

We have integrated the MLS listing with IDX to make our website feature-rich. This facility enables you to show the part of the MLS listing to your users.


Our website is built on SEO friendly framework to ease your responsibilities. You just have to put relevant information to the required places and you will be enjoying better ranking.

Mobile Responsiveness

Our mobile-friendly website ensures that all your customers can reach your website from anywhere at any time.
Technology Used to Build This Website: WordPress, Custom PHP.

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