Rumors on iOS 13 Beta: Leaked Release Date & Features

Rumors on iOS 13 Beta: Leaked Release Date & Features

As per the latest technology news from Apple, the iOS Beta 13 is likely to release next week or at the beginning of June. Now, the newest leaks state that the iPad and iPhone will witness significant software changes that are bound to throw users in frenzy. The guessed features of the iOS 13 Beta
  • The first feature of to be headlined is Dark Mode which will allow users to browse apps in the dark without stressing the eyes.
  • For iPads, the iOS 13 will add a redesigned home screen, stackable app windows, and newer color themes as per the latest leaks.
Apart from this, today’s blog will discuss and congregate all possible information on the leaked data on iOS 13 Beta. Starting with: Speculated Release Date
  1. June 3, Monday, as per WWDC 2019 keynote situated in California, San Jose
  2. June 1st week as per iOS 13 developer beta, this is meant for paid Apple Developers.
  3. Last week of June, this will be launched for adventure testers.
  4. September 2019; to be incorporated within the latest iPhones released during that time.
iOS 13 Developer Beta The first one will come into the market a few days after the WWDC keynote; however, this will stay restricted to paid Apple users. This is why a regular user needs to wait for the more stable public version. iOS 13 Public Beta The more sophisticated version of the iOS developer beta, this one will be launched by Apple for testing features on a wider scale. All in all the final and foolproof version of the iOS beta 13 will be available in September where it will get launched via the latest version of iPhone, namely iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and its counterpart iPhone 11 XR. iOS 13 Beta: Compatibility
  • iOS 13 may shelter the older still-supported devices: iPad Air,  iPhone 5S, and iPad mini 2.
  • A8 chipset, in the latest hurled iPad Touch 7th gen, might stand as the reference point for most devices.
  • iPhone 6, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPad Air 2 will stand most compatible with the iOS Beta 13.
iOS 13, soubriquet “Yukon” – and beyond As per Bloomberg the iOS 13 aka, codenamed “Yukon” will follow the trail left by iOS 12 and work to improve speed and screen out bugs. Further, the interface will be manifested with new animations, to enhance user experience during closing apps or multitasking. This will also work implement 5G network speed and use improved and latest versions of AR. Other Significant Features as Per Leaks
  • The home screen may be redesigned with the increment of newer features like next calendar appointment, latest headlines, and 5-day weather forecast to the existing Apple Grid.
  • The camera will get redesigned with changed resolutions and more advanced features.
  • Heath and activity pad will get a remodel and can help visualize day to day activities.
Other changing features will be seen in spam call blocking; WiFi and Bluetooth control central, clipboard manager, new emojis, and improved function of Siri. Well, that’s all the available details conjured up as per the latest leaks for Apple’s WWDC 2019 keynote. Experts and professionals, however, claim more leaks are on the way to help customers get a clearer grasp on the whole caboodle of iOS 13. 

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