‘Sitefinity’ a Dominant CMS: Reasons it’s a Wise Choice to Invest in

‘Sitefinity’ a Dominant CMS: Reasons it’s a Wise Choice to Invest in

CMS is an invaluable tool that every business is using today to climb the stair of profit. WordPress, Joomla, and other open-source CMS today provide numerous plug-in options, customization and other features that have made these the most coveted ones in the digital economy today. Now, you might ask yourself, with so many free and flexible CMS systems available today, why should you pick a paid CMS like ‘Sitefinity’? Well, prepare to get enlightened! Today this blog will talk about the uprising CMS that is Sitefinity’ and why it’s worth every penny. What is Sitefinity All about? Available for both personal use and big and small companies, Sitefinity can be used by anyone. However, for its advanced version, one needs to know languages like CSS, ASP.NET, C#, XML, JavaScript etc. Further, it comes equipped with various forms of SEO optimization like managing page descriptions and titles, URL’s without extensions, indexing by search engines via sitemaps etc. Now, to understand why Sitefinity offers a better ROI than those open source CMS, it’s vital to understand its building blocks. So, here goes, What Makes Sitefinity a Strong And Secure CMS?
  •    Page Templates
The Sitefinity pages act like a board where you can design the layout of your website. Containing administrative content along with needful tools this help effectively manage websites. The management portion includes organizing the framework of the website, editing and creating templates, adding widgets and plug-ins to improve the website’s functionality.
  •    Widget Templates
Widgets help to customize the functionality and content of a CMS page. By using widgets you are allowing the displaying of your website as per your plan. Further, these widgets can be customized or built-in and provide the necessary changes coveted.
  •    Content Items
Sitefinity easily allows the creation of content and offers the option of reusing it. The content created is stored in Sitefinity CMS project. This created content is displayed via widgets and images, files and videos can be uploaded directly via the library.
  •    Vibrant and Built-in Modules
A module comprises of a back end component which allows users to develop, create, modify and delete content. Now, Sitefinity allows business to utilize built-in and magnetic modules for publishing and editing purposes. So, now that the framework of Sitefinity is understood, here are reasons stating why it’s the best pick for a CMS: Check Out:
  1.   One Interface Many Websites
Big whales like Amazon, Reuters, and Sony all prefer to use Sitefinity owing to its single interface management. This means businesses can manage various profiles from one single place. This allows suitable management of all the content while reducing overall cost and expenses.
  1.   Authentic Digital Asset Management
Every brand and business requires adding more pages to their websites once their company starts rising high on its growth trajectory. Now, this raises the need to manage files carefully and efficiently. Sitefinity thus offers an exceptional feature like Digital Asset Management that helps organize files via hierarchy. Moreover, it also uses metadata for making the files searchable while attaching tags to these files. Hence, it helps to find and manage existing content with ease and precision.
  1.   Superior Content Management
Sitefinity offers the option of dragging and dropping content for editing which makes a developer’s task very simple. Furthermore, it also allows content management by creators and advertisers which reduces the burden of publishing, managing and producing content.
  1.   Inline Content Editing and Personalization
As a content creator, the need to suddenly change and edit content is ubiquitous. So, Sitefinity offers inline editing option that allows content to be changed in the page itself. Content features like a header, meta tags, body, images, metadata all can be effectively edited for personalization.
  1.    Unified Marketing
Sitefinity offers content management for social media, emails, blogs and even events. By allowing the management of one’s social media channels like Twitter and Facebook pages it directly helps users connect to numerous content streams like events, blogs. Further, Sitefinity offers to build in email administration campaigns that allow one to send personalized emails to clients for promotional purposes. Conclusion: So, with all these available features to flaunt, Sitefinity is the key to reinforcing your business’s growth in an extremely competitive digital economy. Now, boost customer engagement and improve user experience with Sitefinity’s authentic approach to productivity. To know more, contact Matrix Media Solutions today.

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