Social Media Optimization: 5 Tips to Steal from SEO

Social Media Optimization: 5 Tips to Steal from SEO

One of the most overlooked factors by brands is social media optimization (SMO). However, what brands do not understand that it is very vital for ensuring superior ranking on search listings. Now in the case of social media marketers have to optimize for two main things:
  • Google Search
  • Search Option within each social network
Now, whether you optimize for the former or latter, you’ll reap both direct and indirect benefits. Indirect ones include extra linking points to your website via profiles while direct ones include better ROI and more website traffic. On this note, it is best to know of the correct ways to optimize for SMO. Luckily there are few SEO tips one can use to do the same. Read on,
  1. Assimilate Social into Website
It is very important to assimilate social media sharing tools into your website architecture. This means your social profiles should have direct web links to your website and vice versa. Further, social media links are generally of high quality as these links have higher web authorities. As a result, your Facebook or Instagram page even if relatively new will rank better on SERP owing to better website authority.
  1. Make parallel SEO keywords & Social Media
Social media keyword optimization is very crucial for brand websites. If not done properly it means leaving money on the table for competitors. This is why, categorically structure your key phrases, and keywords in your social media posts without spamming unnecessarily. If used effectively it will result in website ranking better in Google SERPs and also inside social media platforms.
  1. Socialize
The first step to accurate social media optimization is being friendly over social media. Social signs are important ranking factors overseen by Google that determine how a website will rank. This is why, ensure you entice your audience to share, like and feature your content effectively. Also, do interactive quizzes, polls and other engaging activities to ensure social audience are well aware of your presence.
  1. Use Trademarked Cover Pictures
The cover picture is the first thing that draws a customer to your website or social media page. This is why when it comes to branding make sure you have the best foot forward and feature an intriguing cover image. The image needs to be catchy, while depicting your brand’s voice and purpose with precision. Also, one thing to keep in mind is using recommended style image guide for respective social platforms. This will help, display image that is relevant and memorable!
  1. Grow Organic Followers
What most brands end up doing in a hurry to gain control over social media is buying endless fake followers. This does not help convince Google anymore to feature a brand within top websites. This is why; growing followers organically is the right way to ensure optimal ranking options. To do this, post consistently, create engaging content and make sure to interact with web audience in abundance. Therefore, following these 5 tips you can make sure to optimize your website for SMO and enjoy better ranking on SERP with enhanced traffic.  

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