The Current Trends in Development: A Survey

Since 2011, every year Stack Overflow questioned developers about their choices about their favourite technologies, habits of coding, work preference and also the ways in which they learn, shape and level up.

On account of being the world’s largest and most trustworthy community of software developers, this survey was conducted and the results shared to improve the lives of the developers.

The lessons learned from the survey were:

  • The common misconception is that developers have been programming since childhood. The professional developers’ group showed that 11.3% got their first coding job in just a year of learning how to program. Another 36.9% took one to four years before they became professional developers.
  • 1% have admitted to looking for a job actively whereas 75.2% were interested in learning about new job opportunities.
  • 3% responded that working remotely was a priority. 63.9% wanted to work remotely at least one day a month.
  • Most of them felt they were underpaid and the ones working in the government and non-profits felt that the salary was the worst. The ones working in finance felt to be most overpaid.

Developer Roles


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The above image clearly points out that web developers constitute 72.6% of the respondents stating that among all the other roles, web development hires the maximum number of developers. Desktops and mobile app development follow suit and will grow in the coming years. The web developers are also working on app development.

Most Popular Technologies-



Javascript holds the top position among the contenders, followed by SQL, Java, C#, Python, PHP etc. Among them, PHP holds a respectable slot and is way more popular than other languages. The sheer volume of legacy apps written in PHP and the availability of PHP developers will hold strong grounds for a long time to come in the future. Various phased-out languages are still used occasionally after decades like Perl, BASIC and even COBOL. No language can die out completely and PHP is in no hurry to do so.

Frameworks, Libraries and Other Technologies-


This category is headed by Node.js and followed AngularJS.  Node.js has all the power that JavaScript has and offers the users many ways to develop dynamic websites, thus its popularity among the respondents.  Google introduced AngularJS and it allows the developers in creating websites with using as few coding lines as possible.



The survey asked the respondents about this category for the first time and the responses showed that MySQL and SQL Server were the most popular ones. MySQL is an open-source database for web-based applications. SQL database is also widely used when it’s the matter of database technology.



The highest percentage of platforms used by developers is occupied by Windows desktop and followed by Linux desktop. Android platform is also used more than Mac OS and iOS.

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