The Enigma that is Push Notification and How to Use it Right

The Enigma that is Push Notification and How to Use it Right

Push notifications are vital for big or small business for a plethora of reasons. These automated messages are sent by a specific application when it’s not open. Much like text messages, but different these crisp short posts are used by various companies today as an effective tool of marketing.

Now, the concept behind Push notifications is somewhat a paradox. Few consumers nearly 26% of them state they are grateful for Push notifications; after all, they get the juicy offers firsthand. 52% of patrons states Push notifications are annoying and mute them. Again the remaining 20% of individuals think these are boosting productivity.

So, what is the real deal with Push notifications and are they necessary at all?

In reality, the mixed opinions are a result of improper marketing and misuse of Push Notifications. Hence, today, this blog will discuss:

  •    The need for Push Notifications
  •    Tips to use them effectively.

The Need for Push Notifications and Mistakes to avoid:

  1.    Local Brand Awareness

Geotagging is one of the special features that can combine with Push notifications to target local customers and drive revenue. You can use this technology to add geographical data to any media source and create a geographic virtual boundary. Now, let’s say you run a pizza store and a customer walked by who has your company’s app. This customer will automatically receive a push notification enabling him/her to be aware of your store.

Now, if the push notification is relevant and timely it can turn a person who was simply a passerby to enter your store. The mistake most people make in this case is simply overusing push notification and not making it appropriate enough. For example, simply bombarding the same customer many times will lead him/her to mute the notifications. To make it pertinent hence, you can offer coupons, offers and latest additions to your store to garner the attention of your customer.

  1.    Encourage User Experience

Push notifications aren’t simply tools of marketing; in fact, they can boost user experience too.  One of the classiest examples is Uber during surcharges; the Uber price shown is high and often customers cannot avail it. So, Uber sends out push notifications to customers when prices go down. In this way, Uber is providing the utility and convenience for users and improving customer experience.

Further, Uber’s push notification alerts user’s on where the car is and how much time it’ll take for arrival. In this way, by using effective marketing Uber is getting the best out of push notifications while impressing users.

Hence, the trick here is to provide something useful to customers, and not simply notify them of a brand’s existence. 72% customers moreover claim they use a brand after they are given a coupon or discount offer.

  1.     Personalization Helps Retain Customers

Personalization is what certain brands miss out on. One of the many reasons a patron mutes push notification is the content features aren’t useful enough. So, what brands can do in this case is to check previous purchase history and data gathered to analyze customer personality. Let’s say, for example, your brand features clothes. Now, you can’t send a man exciting offers on women’s clothing, right?

Hence, if you find the purchase history mainly consists of women’s attire in the mid-’20s, you can personalize content and showcase offers that would target young women. In this way, the push notification will be relevant enough and people will mute it less.

So, in conclusion, it can safely be inferred that push notification if sent less frequently, with offers, gifts and utility are beneficial for business. Hence, make an exciting advertisement campaign and provide useful notifications to users to not get muted and utilize the best out of your mobile app.

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